The Cat’s Out The Bag!!

Hello world -this is me!! (Yes sounds like a song line I know) but it is a beautiful, but quite crisp day here in Melbourne – I can feel the winter chill in the air now.

Just to let you all know that I didn’t get the job I mentioned in the last post – I thought I would feel really disappointed but strangely enough I didn’t – I am over scouring job ads and applying over and over. I have discovered that one Resume is not applicable to all jobs so each application requires me to highlight certain things and cut out others so this is a time consuming process. I have also discovered that as wonderful as planting churches was and as lovely as ministry was for that season – it has no relevance whatsoever out there in the world – no one really cares about my “church” experience and all the years I was involved – it’s not really seen as relevant or even current – SO I have to really sell myself!! Today I apply for another job so we’ll see how it goes – waiting to hear back (or not) from some other applications!!

Enough about employment!! I mentioned that Hami and I had a dream awhile ago and we were working on something. Well the cat’s out the bag  – it has been launched and although it is a continual work in progress, we are very pleased with it so far. We have started our own website. The aim of this site is to help people from all walks of life in various areas – a lot is based on our personal experience and journey, but it also links people to others sites that have helpful and useful information. There are creative areas, life issue areas, marriage, our spiritual journey, health and lots more – so many areas to flesh out but we keep adding things daily. We know that our site will not be popular amongst certain people – especially religious people – they will certainly get annoyed by our ideas, but even that is not a bad thing – we want people to think for themselves and weigh up things with the Word – not Clergy’s interpretation of the Word for them. So we hope that this will encourage many people over the next season. Our theme throughout the website is “Doing Life Together.” We can be found at

Other news on the family front – we are all very well – loving the season we are in and the journey we are on. I feel very excited for the future – I really want us to enjoy every day of our lives – living supernaturally in a natural world. This clip is on our website, but I love it so much I had to share it here too, so enjoy – it’s amazing.

Our children are a delight to us – we are enjoying them so much – Michaela turns 18 in a week and it has suddenly hit me that she is an adult really and that we won’t have too many years with her living at home left – I can’t bear to think of it!! Aaron turns 6 in a couple of weeks and he is doing so well at school – settled in and starting to read nicely. Ethan is really enjoying his school year – the practical Electrical course is interesting to him and he is working every Friday with an electrician getting hands on experience -he is very fortunate to have this work – he gets paid so well too which is an added bonus. Zoe is her usual happy self although every now and again a bit of teen attitude sticks it’s nasty head out and we have to squash it down again. Gotta love the teen years!

I really need to get back to taking some photos again – my camera has given up the ghost – well it works but very badly and this has had a big impact on my blogging – another reason to get a job – then I can get a new one!! The book is coming along nicely – I still need some wisdom on publishing but will get there.
Wishing you all a great day!!


One thought on “The Cat’s Out The Bag!!

  1. t

    Beautiful = ) and how cool are you guys – I love the new website – very cool indeed – lotsa love t


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