It’s been a while!!

Hello Blog and all my Friends,

It has been awhile since I was here last – not because I haven’t wanted to be here, but because there has been a lot happening in our lives over the last month or so. My top priority has been looking for work and although nothing has come through yet, I have applied for quite a few, had one interview and am presently waiting the outcome of that. We have also been working on a project that has been on our hearts for awhile and now we have seen the start of that – will share more later. Today is the last day of the school holidays and we are enjoying the beautiful weather. We have had a lovely holiday and it has been very relaxing. we have not really been anywhere but  having time to potter around at home and do some projects has been lovely.

I am very proud of Hami – he has built a treadle feeder for the chickens as we found the birds were eating so much of their food it was costing us a fortune – now with the new feeder we should save a lot of money as only the chooks will have access to the food. What a clever man I am married to!

I have also found a few more wooden ladders to add to my home – Hami took the one ladder apart and stained it for me – now it hangs on our bookshelf he built and looks like an old bookstore ladder -love it!!

The other little ladder just stands in the corner of our lounge – to hold books, a coffee mug or whatever – it looks very rustic – I love the unusual – no one could call my decor “normal”. We went to the market this morning and I found these flowers for $2 – they reminded me of the wild flowers that grew outside our back door when we lived in George – Zoe loved those flowers as you can see from the photo!

Another idea I had was to tear off the covers of old books and bind them together with old string – this gives an old feel and is lovely.

I also found this cute clock at the market for $5 – I love the way it looks like an old alarm – so cute!!

I am very happy with the way things are looking in my home – it really pleases me when I can find old things that others throw out to create  the look I want – I don’t want brand new, expensive items that cost a fortune – I like simple, recycled items that have history and a story.

Zoe and I had to tackle another project this holiday – she needed to make a puppet for school – what a performance!! We tried two different patterns that were far too complicated, but eventually we found a pattern that was so simple to follow and this is how she turned out – we were both delighted at the outcome – we still need to put a dress on her.

So now to tackle some last minute chores before evening – tomorrow we are back into routine and ready for term 2.

I hope to be back soon – I have missed you all!!


2 thoughts on “It’s been a while!!

    1. 4maze Post author

      Yes the puppet’s name according to Zoe is Jackie Brown – that’s the name of the character in the play she is presenting.


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