Warburton Rail Trail

Monday was a public holiday and the weather was beautiful. We decided the day was too good to be cooped up at home. I had a serious dose of cabin fever after being at home all week with a nasty head cold after our New Zealand trip. I spent most of the week blowing out vast quantities of mucous – disgusting YES!! I am still not quite myself after a week and trying to get rid of these nasties that don’t seem to want to budge. As a Mum, sickness doesn’t feature in the household agenda – there is sympathy for a few moments then it seems that all has to return to normal, even when I feel far from normal. So despite feeling a bit grotty, I decided to get out into the fresh air with the family. We drove to a place called Woori Yallock and then hopped onto the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail. This is a lovely gravel path that meanders through the countryside and passes through many little villages and towns along the way. It was certainly buzzing with activity – walkers, cyclists, horse and riders.

We cycled all the way to Warburton and along the way we passed a farm that had deer and also an ostrich and some emus.


I never seem to get tired of the countryside – I love it so much and I always feel very invigorated and inspired when I get out into nature. Fields of flowers, mountains and water all do it for me!! The beautiful creation that Jesus gave to us to enjoy and relish!!

When we arrived in Warburton, we were rather hungry, thirsty and had very tender rear ends. The girls moaned that they were exhausted. The promise of chocolate and coke for energy seemed to do the trick.

The cycle back to the car seemed to go a lot quicker than our cycle to Warburton. It’s amazing how the return trip always seems to go much quicker. Of course the task master was none other than the Ironman himself!!

This was a day that was so enjoyable and one that I hope to repeat again in the future. We all loved it. Where were the boys you ask? Aaron was out with a friend which was a good thing as the cycle was probably a bit too far for him, and Ethan of course was where most teenagers would be on a day off school – sleeping in!

We worked out the distance of our mammoth cycle – about 32.2km – no wonder my backside was tender!!

I made a major change last week although it wasn’t meant to be so major – I had my haircut – it always infuriates me when hairdressers can’t follow instructions about how much to cut off. I wanted a new style but not all the length cut off – well I got a new SHORT hairstyle. I have never liked my hair short and so now with it about 2 inches shorter than I requested I have to grin and bear it until it grows again – I do like the colour though!!



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