First Day at School

I have a new respect for mothers that work full-time and juggle parenting and household chores. The last five weeks I have taken on some work to gain Australian work experience so that in future I may be more employable. This work landed in my lap so to speak and because Hami was on school holidays we decided it would be a great way to earn some extra cash as we are off to New Zealand at the end of the month for his  Ironman adventure. I don’t know how parents manage if both are working full-time. It was tricky enough with me working but at least my dear other half kept the plates spinning at home by doing laundry and parenting. I have only had a few days to get everyone organised for school and it has been a nightmare.

Today was Aaron’s first day at school. He looked so handsome in his uniform and so little at the same time. He seemed quite confident and happy to be going to school and he settled down really quickly after arriving. There were no tears (from me or him) and it all went very smoothly – yes I am well and truly over the early childhood days!!  He had to be at school from 9:15am and we collected him at 12:45pm so the day wasn’t too long for him and will help him adjust to the very long 9am to 3:30pm days he will have to do soon.




He proudly told us all about his day and the new friend he has made – he can’t quite remember his new friend’s name yet – but we’ll get there. He informed me that his teacher is very kind and nice (being young, tall, blond and very pretty I’m sure has nothing to do with his adoration for her – haha). I am just delighted that he enjoyed his first day so much.

Zoe, on the other hand is moaning that she has to start High School tomorrow and is a little nervous – the other day Aaron lectured her saying, “Don’t be silly Zoe, it’s nature – first you go to primary school and then you have to grow up and go to High school so that one day when you are big you can get a car and a job. IT’S NATURE”  he stressed a few times to her. Hami and I had a good chuckle – the 5 year old educating the 12 year old on how life works.

As for me I am waiting to hear if I have some part-time employment with the company I have just worked at – to follow my dream and get my book published will require a little bit of cash so I am aiming for my goal this year. The chickens have settled nicely into the family as you can tell – Aaron absolutely loves them.

Our last few days of holiday were spent soaking up the beautiful weather at Mornington – we arrived at the beach at 5pm and had a swim in crystal clear water followed by supper at the beach.

Don’t you just love the colourful little beach houses?

As for me, I have missed my blogging and look forward to having some time again to get back to it.


2 thoughts on “First Day at School

  1. t

    Wow handsome big school boy. So lovely. I love reading your blogs C. Makes me smile. Hope we can catch up when you come over. love t

  2. Elaine

    At last catching up, and just love the photos. I must start trying a few on my blog, but usually time is a problem and so much learning to do, I could do with accompanying Aaron to learn some basics. Tons love to you all. xxxxxxxxxxx


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