Marengo Beach Holiday

In early January we came back from one of the nicest holidays I have had in years. We headed off to Marengo which is just 2 km from Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road. We camped in tents and despite the fact that our air mattress deflated every night, I had a wonderful, relaxing time – this is really the first holiday we have had as a family since we went to South Africa in 2007 so it was really needed. The campsite was crowded but absolutely perfect. We could hear the waves at night as we slept. The beach was lovely for swimming and the kids had a ball.


We decided to do a trip to the Twelve Apostles and Michaela was our tour guide as she had been there. I am so glad we did the drive – the scenery was breathtaking.

We then headed to Port Campbell for lunch and a swim before returning back to camp.

We had the cutest birds come to our campsite – they would hop right into the tent – these little Superb Fairywrens were gorgeous.


Aaron enjoyed his new cricket set and the older kids had a marvellous time catching waves on their bodyboards.

Hami and Ethan had a go at fishing too but caught nothing.


We took a walk to the Marriner Falls one day through the beautiful lush forests. The large tree ferns reminded me of New Zealand. Aaron and Zoe were brave enough to hop into the icy water for a dip.

New Years Eve found us heading into Apollo Bay where the kids enjoyed the carnival – Zoe experienced her first ever carnival ride (yes believe it or not at 11) and she loved it.

We saw the New Year in with an amazing fireworks display that we all enjoyed before heading back to our tents.

We were so blessed in that we had the most amazing weather – no rain and beautiful hot days. Hami and I both agreed that having an annual holiday had to become a non-negotiable event in our lives. Looking forward to the next holiday!!


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