Year 6 Graduation

Three weeks ago it was Zoe’s year 6 graduation. She has officially finished primary school and moves onto High School next year. She attended a special Graduation dinner followed by a ceremony where they were given awards and certificates. She looked so ladylike and grown up in her dress. For those of you in the know, you will be chuckling because we all know that she is not the girly girl in our family – that is reserved for Michaela who loves girly things. No Zoe is more like me – a bit of a tomboy at heart. She really moaned about having to wear a dress but we got there in the end. She even wore a small heel!! I made her dress from a size 20 dress that we liked the fabric of. We found it in an op shop for $2 and I cut and re-designed it to make her a dress – rather a challenge but it turned out okay in the end.

Didn’t she look so lovely?


Michaela had her school awards evening  and she won an award for being one of the top 12 year 11 students. She achieved distinctions for every subject this year – she really does have my brains haha!! Talking about brains, I have lost mine. I have been working at an energy company making customer servive follow-up calls, and a nine hour day on the phones with very few breaks does make you a little potty after a while. Nonetheless I am gaining some Aussie work experience which is helpful and the pay is good.

Fortunately the crazy work was interrupted by our week away at Marengo Bay which Iwill post on shortly. So much news…. so little time…. and it’s back to work tomorrow!

I did manage to get a family photo this year and everyone dutifully co-operated – well sort of….


Wishing you all an amazing and blessed 2012.


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