Everything New…

Yesterday was a day of everything new for our family. Aaron went to his last day of Prep transition but this technically was his first real day at school. He met his new teacher and classmates and spent three hours at school doing activities and having lunch. Both Hami and I felt a little tender seeing our youngest starting school. Zoe went across to the High School for an orientation day so it was all new for her too. She was very nervous when we arrived, but it took her all of two minutes to settle once she had found her friends. She loved the experience and found it not too overwhelming after all. I am so glad that the schools here have these days before the new year begins as it helps to settle the kids in much better -both Hami and I were talking about our first day at High School and how daunting it was because we did not know the school and had nothing to reference on our first day.




We have another new event happening in our home – two new additions to the family – our Isla Brown hens named Rosy and Penny. Finally our chook coop has inhabitants. It has been wonderful having fresh eggs everday – that always seems to be what I run out of when I am baking, so hopefully no longer. These lovely ladies are very sweet and tame and the  younger kids are thoroughly enjoying a little bit of “farmlife” in suburbia.




I am still hanging out for a piece of land that is at least an acre in size so we can grow veggies and have a few more chooks. Michaela has told me that a puppy is definitely on the cards when we have our own property.

Another new experience for me is Art Journaling. I am trying my hand at keeping a journal that is not just words but contains art and words to create something unique and beautiful. this is a new concept to me and one I hope to explore more so I will keep you all posted.

We have another author in the home. Zoe wrote and illustrated her first little book. She has completed this for her Prep Buddy that she helps at school. Well done Zoe – a brilliant effort – I think I will get her doing my children’s book illustrations.

It is only ten days to Christmas and I have done no shopping – ZERO –  NIL – Zip – Nada – a big nothing!!

I am not looking forward to getting into that mall – I feel a rash coming on when I think about it – mainly because our big shopping mall is under construction as they extend and trying to find parking is almost impossible. Never mind I will psyche myself up and head out late at night when hopefully most people will be finished shopping – I hope there is still stuff left!!

Enough rambling from me

Be Blessed Everyone xxx


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