Wagga Wagga Weekend

What an amazing and busy weekend we have had!!  We finally travelled out of the state of Victoria into New South Wales to a place called Wagga Wagga. The reason for this being that Hami participated in a Triathlon. When we got back from our trip I discovered that I have been nominated again for a hubnugget award on a different post I wrote – if you would like to vote for me then go here:

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That being done, lets get back to the triathlon. This was all in preparation and training for the big one – The Ironman New Zealand at Lake Taupo in early March 2012. We parked our car in this street at the race – is this not prophetic?

This triathlon is the longest one he has done yet and the conditions were pretty tough. The race started and hour late which was a bit annoying. There was not one unfit looking competitor – all the athletes looked super fit and had all the latest gear – except us of course!!Hubby doesn’t have a bicycle that costs more than our car and requires a mortgage. We later discovered that every athlete was there as this triathlon is considered a qualifying triathlon for whatever they are trying to qualify for!! That meant that there were cut-off  times for every leg of the race and the times were quite stringent. No pressure!! By the time the event got underway the wind was blowing vigorously – that meant there were waves in the lake and that the water was a beautiful muddy brown – you could not see even 20 centimetres in front of your nose. This is Hami’s worst nightmare for swimming – he hates swimming in dark water and waves make him seasick!! Good news though was that he has been training in Lake Lysterfield near home and so the dark water was okay and he has had some experience in the wind too. I was so proud of him as he did his 2 kilometre swim well in the cut-off time and he managed to do it in the most awful conditions – even the top athletes were struggling. I even tried commanding the waves on the water to be still like Jesus did – I must say I was a little annoyed that they didn’t listen – they were meant to I know because if Jesus could do it, so can I – have to keep practising that one!!


I am always glad when the swim is over!! He came out the water looking a beautiful shade of seasick green and he mentioned as he ran past me how sick he felt. Next was a 120 kilometre cycle. That was just as bad as the wind picked up even more and made it very difficult for the cyclists. They were blown all over the road, rained on and in between managed to get sunburned when the sun came out.

Last leg was a 20 kilometre run around the lake and by then it was just getting cold – wind still blowing. The good thing was that Hubby’s knee behaved itself and didn’t give in much to my relief. He just continued on – he says he is like the tortoise in the Tortoise and Hare – slow but steady – he gets there in the end. He finished his race in 8 hours and 17 minutes and we were all very proud of him. It was very good training for the Ironman as he learned a lot about nutrition, what works for him and what doesn’t so that was good. I think being able to swim in such horrible conditions also gave him confidence.



The Hemingway support crew were awesome!!

This little Common Mynah bird was so cute – he kept hopping around my feet looking for food crumbs!

We stayed in a cool cabin at a tourist park and had a great stay. I love exploring other parts of the countryside and seeing new areas. We passed through a town called Euroa and found out that Ned Kelly and his gang robbed the bank in this town. Ned Kelly is a famous outlaw in Australia – he wore a metal helmet over his head and his gang robbed banks. Although he was hanged for killing policemen, he is considered a bit of a hero in Australia for his daring feats. The buildings in Euroa were lovely – I love that old red brick – it reminds me of a town called Pietermaritzburg that I grew up in as a child. Euroa may be a small town but it was unanimous with the family – they make the best pizza we have ever tasted!

All in all a really cool weekend!! Well done to my honey for a great triathlon – you make us proud!!


One thought on “Wagga Wagga Weekend

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    Great post. My brother used to live in Wagga Wagga before he and his family moved to Brisbane… they used to love the “small town” living. Your blog is looking great C.


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