Exciting news…

Hi everyone,

I have some very exciting news to share. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I am doing some content writing for a couple of sites to learn better writing skills and hopefully be able to do more freelance writing work. Well this is the email I got today.

Hi Caro Hemingway,

We’re happy to inform you that your Hub, Safety Tips for Travel to South Africa, has been selected among 6 candidates for this week’s HubNuggets contest on HubPages! The HubNuggets contest features high-quality Hubs published by new writers like yourself. Winners of each week’s contest receive special Accolades and are featured in our weekly newsletter, which is sent to over 150,000 recipients.

The criteria for selection as a HubNugget is entirely dependent on votes, so please encourage your friends to vote for your Hub on this page before Wednesday of this coming week:

ANYONE can vote and voters do not have to be members of HubPages. Consider sharing the voting link as a status message on Facebook, as a tweet, or in your email or discussion forum signatures, to help get the word out.

Good luck and thank you for publishing on HubPages!

Now usually I would never impose on people asking them to vote for me but this time I am going to be bold enough to ask that if youlike the article then please vote for me – I don’t win a prize but rather exposure which would really help me in the long run SO thanks in advance if you vote for me – it will be much appreciated.

The link to vote is :

Travel and Places

All you have to do is click  on the link above to go to HubPages. There will be a heading that says  hubnuggets – vote! Underneath that are the six articles that are in the contest – find mine – I write under the name Caro Hemingway  and then check the vote box and finally the cast my vote tab underneath and you are done!

More exciting writing news is that I have been accepted as a writer on another site so another door has opened for me. I have also taken steps to get a quote for my novel. I decided to go the route of a publishing company that offers more than some of the little self-publishing companies on the internet. this company is Australia based and there is one-on-one support. They will set out my book correctly, do the cover under my approval, get me an ISBN number , put my book into 25000 bookstores worldwide, put it on kindle and give me media coverage in Australia when it is published – that is pretty good I reckon. I was a little worried about the quote – let’s just say that it is not affordable to me right now, but it is possible to achieve. So now that I have a goal I am back into it seriously tweaking and rewriting sections I am not quite happy with. Very exciting.

I feel my dreams are coming true.



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