Photo shoot …

I am sorry blog – I have been neglecting you lately – I have been dallying with another writing forum – I almost feel as though I have been unfaithful to you. Well that’s all over for now – my attention is solely yours!!

Things are getting hectic here in our household – exams are about to start which means two  one teenager actually studying and stressing about them and the other not even aware of his timetable!! Hami is setting exams and marking them furiously getting ready for the end year reports. Oh how I hate this time – twice a year of hell writing these reports that have to be so long-winded – do the parents actually read all that stuff I wonder (or maybe it’s just me and I’m a bad parent). Anyway the end of the year is quickly advancing. We are getting Zoe ready for high school next year and so she is getting ready for her graduation ceremony coming up.

A few days ago I took some photos of Michaela in the garden wearing this gorgeous dress she found at an op shop. She needed it for a photographic assignment and so I thought I would get some photos of her in it. The poor girl was not feeling too flash – she has a nasty head cold but somehow she still manages to look beautiful no matter what. Please note how beautiful my roses are looking – being scratched to shreds while pruning them definitely paid off!! The roses are gorgeous but my daughter is way prettier than them – together they make an awesome combination!!

Look at those eyes!

And lastly, one of my favourite photos.


2 thoughts on “Photo shoot …

  1. Elaine

    Beeautiful!! And oh boy, do I know the feeling about neglect. I am just in to make a quick comment on mine, having been completely waylaid and stressed out by trying to write 50000 words before the 30th Nov! I do these weird things, then wonder why! But the discipline is getting to me. I am about 20000 words in, but losing the plot. Am going to challenge you to join me next year on the November Novel writing month! So be ready! Meantime, keep my eyes on those lovely kids – your photography is talernted! Go, girl, go!


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