Change and new dreams…

Hi everyone,

I realise I have been a little absent from my dear friend (I’m talking about this blog and you of course!!) but I have been trying to get a few things set in place.

I am not very good at keeping things the same for too long – I get easily bored and need change constantly. Sometimes this is a good thing, but other times it is a real pain. It means that I often don’t finish things I start  and this is not a quality I like about myself. No indeed, it is frustrating to those around me as well as to myself (Hubby would be vigorously nodding his head at this point!!).

I am trying to change this about myself and to see things through.

I have launched out on a new venture (yes again! This time I hope I have found what stirs me). I am not living in dream world believing that I am going to make big bucks, but I have decided that since I enjoy writing I may as well try to earn a few bob from it. So because I don’t want my blog full of advertising I have joined some writing forums. These sites enable me to write for them on any topic I like and through Google, Amazon and other places I earn a little for advertising. I have decided to do this because mostly I love writing and it will stand me in good stead should I ever try to tackle freelance writing jobs in the future. I am convinced that writing is the future for me and God has been almost needing a loudhailer to get my attention regarding this. I guess if He keeps saying it to me then I need to start believing I am capable and  get busy with it instead of sitting in doubt and lack of self-confidence.So this is my way of  getting content out there.  I have published a few measly posts and I have already had welcomes from fellow members and a few views so that is exciting to me.

The other project that Michaela and I are busy with, is trying to set up an Etsy store as we need an outlet for our creative abilities. Again I don’t see us making a mint, but every line in the water hopefully will catch a few fish along the way. So will keep you updated as that progresses – I am hoping to be up and running in the next few weeks. We have a home market planned for early December where we plan to invite some ladies to a tea/coffee/cake afternoon to see our things. Invites are already designed and planning happening. Just need to make sure we have enough goodies!! This is simply a sideline and a way for us to keep ourselves busy and supplement our family income. I have already determined in my heart that everything I make I aim to give at least twenty percent (Hopefully more if I can) towards the orphanage we as a church support in Gunthur India. If you want to check out these cute kids then go to .

The reason for all this crazy activity is that I am feeling pressure to get a job next year once Aaron is settled into his school routine. Hubby and I have spoken about quality of life and not slogging away and having no family time so we are thinking of both working part time. Hami  (I have decided to give to start giving this wonderful man a name instead of a title – another new change for mad me!!) already works part time as a science and maths teacher and his hours may be even better next year. This means that I need to do my share too! Unfortunately my studies will not be complete so I won’t be working in that line yet, but the thought of  going teaching again literally makes me feel physically sick! I really don’t want to be a primary teacher again – I feel that I am over that phase of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I like teaching – just hate all the red tape and administration nightmares that go with it. So I am throwing a few lines in the water and seeing what bites. Please pray for me! I also need to get my books published and finished which means I need to be earning. I really believe in these projects and I can see the finishing line in sight but I am just not getting there yet.

Otherwise all is good and I am hoping to enjoy the season we are going into. Hami and I have some other projects up our sleeves that we hope to reveal to you all soon – can’t wait! So there is a lot happening in our household – creativity is aflow but there are just not enough hours in the day!!

What exciting adventures are happening in your life?


One thought on “Change and new dreams…

  1. Elaine

    Fantastic! Go, girl, go! Must send you some of my addresses, but they will come later as am on limited time – used up all the GBs on house sit line and having very quick visit home.
    lots love to all.


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