A letter to my best friend…

Two days ago it  was my best friend’s birthday. He is not only my Hubby but the one I share everything with. For his birthday he wanted a picnic supper at Lake Lysterfield. The weather was lovely and so we headed down to the lake edge with our blanket and food. What a lovely evening we had. The kids played soccer and even swam in the lake. Here are some photos of all the boys in our family – I don’t get enough of them all.


This is a letter to my best friend…

Happy Birthday honey…. it has been my privilege to hang out with you for the last 22 plus years. You are my best friend and the one I share my dreams and hopes with. You have seen me when I am at my very best and you have seen me at my absolute worst and you have loved me anyhow. I have never regretted one day with you – our lives have been full of adventure and we have travelled the world together. We have laughed and cried together over the years. You were there with me through the birth of our beautiful children and you have been a wonderful dad to them all.

To some, your value may be measured by your work for God over the years – some have judged you harshly, but to me you have never lacked credibility, integrity or passion in everything you have done. I have always known you to be a true person of integrity and I have never doubted you in our years together. What others may have said is irrelevant to me because I know you better than anyone else on this earth. I know that when the Father looks at you, He is proud of you, loves you passionately and that His favour is always on you.

Looking at the flood of birthday wishes you received on Facebook, from new friends, to people you have taught, to old friends way back when, they all love you and respect you and you have made a difference to their lives. I am proud of who you are and what we have achieved together over the years. Our focus has changed a little over the last few years – we have realised that we can be and do anything we like and we are on this exciting journey together. I am so glad that the road ahead is not a replica of the one we’ve travelled – I don’t do well with the mundane and neither do you – that’s why we fit like a glove.

I know that as you fulfill some personal dreams this year that you will find new ones beginning to grow. This is your time to reach your dreams – enjoy it. Thank you for the way you have supported and worked for our family, allowing me to follow my dreams and to be a stay at home Mum while the kids were young – I know we will see the rewards of it. I love you sweetie – Happy Birthday – you will always be my best friend….


One thought on “A letter to my best friend…

  1. Elaine

    OK so we’re getting old” I said to Dad it wasn’t the right order down the days 10, 14, 21, but on house sit we don’t have the check list so sorry! Wishes even more belated! Russ knows we are crazy and now you do too! Glad you all had a great day!


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