Last few days of holiday…

It was back to school on Monday and the last term has begun. This year is fast coming to a close and it is a little scary. I am so not organised this year as far as Christmas goes. I think we will give small gifts this year so that we are able to give the children some money when we travel to New Zealand in early March next year. Hubby only has about 144 days till his Ironman event. Things are going well – air tickets are booked, accommodation is sorted, he has the gear he needs – about all thats left to do is hire a car when we get there. The internet is amazing – I have been able to organise all this from my laptop at home – how good is that??

The last few days of holiday were great. On Saturday we headed out into the hills for a drive. It was exciting not following a map and just driving. We discovered a few places of interest and some lovely new areas of Melbourne.

First we stopped at the Silvan Reservoir Reserve. This was a lovely big park with picnic areas, playgrounds and walking tracks. The Rhododendrons and azaleas were in full bloom and rather magnificent.

Then we headed to Lilydale. We stopped at a park and had a picnic lunch. The kids played and enjoyed the park. Hubby and I were relieved to see that the young magpies are getting quite big now which means that swooping season will soon be over – yay!!


On our way home we passed the Tulip festival. This is a beautiful tulip farm that has thousands and thousands of tulips in bloom. We considered going in but the vast quantity of people changed our minds. I managed to get a couple of tulip pictures though.



On Sunday morning I woke to rain beating on the window – not a good sign. Hubby was running in the Melbourne Half marathon and the weather was miserable. We all got up (except for Ethan who loathes early mornings and was enjoying not having to get up for church as per usual on Sundays)  and headed to the city at 6:30 am. Aaron kept complaining that it was the middle of the night. We dropped hubby off at the start and then had to find a parking – no easy feat when there are about  30 000 people competing in this race. It was freezing with the occasional rain shower.

We made our way to a point where we would see him running – that too was wishful thinking – there were so many competitiors that when he first ran past us we didn’t see him in the crowd. After an hour and a half he finally ran past us again and we could cheer him on. The girls love cheering for him when he runs or does triathlons – secretly I think he really loves it too!! This is a photo of the cheering squad.

By the time we made our way to the finish line we were disappointed to see he had beaten us to it. Nevertheless we were delighted that he was fine and that his knee was not hurting too badly. This knee concerns me a little as it plays up for him every now and then. We all looked at his medal and the kids raided his goodie bag as they do.


I managed to get a lovely photo of the river and the city skyline.


All in all it was a great way to end off the holidays as we relaxed all afternoon.

I watched the Australia versus South Africa world cup match and Hubby was laughing at me -I was madly shouting for the South Africans even though we live here in Australia. My logical reasoning was this: I really want the All Blacks to win the world cup and I figured that I would prefer them to play SA rather than the Wallabies as we have to live among these people and would probably be teased endlessly if they beat us. Crazy logic I know but anyway. I couldn’t watch the New Zealand /Argentina match as we went to friends for dinner but a marvellous friend kept me updated via txt message every time the score changed. So it looks like my All Black boys will be playing the Aussie blokes next – lets hope they trounce them!!

I am slowly getting back into routine – had a very productive “working” day today with my new idea – very excited about it!!


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