Holiday outings

Last week was cold and miserable but the sun has made a comeback and this week has been glorious. Michaela has headed off with a mate from school on holiday and she is having a wonderful time. On Monday we decided to head to Lysterfield Lake for a dinner time picnic. The kids had their bikes and tried out the new BMX track there.

Aaron loved the cycle track and had great fun going around it on his little bike. We realize that we need to get him a bigger bicycle for Christmas – he seems to be outgrowing this little one. Zoe also enjoyed the track although we did have one mighty accident where she went sprawling and received two bruised knees and a grazed hand.

It was glorious sitting soaking up the sun with my spritzer (that is my favourite drink concoction –  one third of a glass of wine mixed with diet lemonade – very refreshing) and our Kentucky Fried Chicken take outs. Hubby and I relaxed watching the birds, the water lapping on the lake and the wallabies hopping past as we relaxed.  All in all it was a lovely evening.




I have said it before – I love the country – I think I am meant to live out in the hills away from the crazy city. I would love to just move onto the land and live off it as simply as possible – I could then really enjoy living with all my bits and pieces that I collect. We are so blessed that we live right out from Melbourne city and that we have this beautiful lake and piece of nature only ten minutes from our home.

Yesterday we had another beautiful day and so we headed down to Mornington to have lunch in the little village. Then we walked along the path and down to the rocks where the kids played.





Finally we headed for the beach and soaked up the sun. Ethan and Zoe had great fun burying poor Aaron in the sand. The sand was so fine and white that it squeaked when you jumped on it. A lovely couple of days – the only thing missing – my beautiful Michaela!!


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