Tooth Dramas

The holidays are underway and so far we have been running around trying to sort out health issues. Last Saturday Aaron had a swollen cheek that was very alarming so off to the doctor we went. Turns out that he had a tooth infection right at the back of his mouth. After antibiotics this week we headed off to the dental clinic this morning. The dentists were amazing explaining everything to him as we went through X-rays and a check. The decision was unanimous – the nasty tooth had to come out. Unfortunately it wasn’t a baby tooth that had to go but one of his back molars which meant it was tough to pull and very painful. He was so brave during the two injections but cried when they extracted the tooth – I could see he was in such pain and a little shocked. I even had a little cry to see my little guy hurting. The dental nurse had to ask me if I was okay!! He was given a pile of stickers when they were finished for his bravery. I managed to get him home as he was feeling sleepy in the car and onto the couch after some panadol to ease the pain. A cup of cold ice cream seemed to help too!!  We brought the tooth home to put under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy – I could not believe the size of those roots – scary!!

Other than that we have two other kids who are fighting off colds and bad coughs and a Hubby who is paranoid about getting sick two weeks before his half marathon. So far the holidays are going great!!!!  No really I am not being sarcastic, the lie ins have been blissful.

I spent the rest of the day under my duvet watching a movie while the rain beat against the window and thunder and lightning raged outside. Michaela loves storms – she gets so animated and excited when we have one – you can tell she has grown up in a place where thunder and lightning happened very seldom. Here’s hoping that the rest of the week is less adventurous on the health front.



2 thoughts on “Tooth Dramas

  1. Elaine

    Shame! I know the feeling! Had the dentist nearly flatten me when my last one came out, but hoipefully for Aaron his other teeth will be strong and still give plenty of chewing options. These things come to pass! Will Hami be involved with his half marathon on his birthday, or will it be over by then??


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