A spurt of inspiration…

Today is the start of the school holidays – in one way I love the relaxed time with no early starts and lots of family time, but in other ways I loathe the chaos of mess and constant dirty dishes and lack of routine. My quiet time gets put on hold and it becomes a bit crazy at times. We have made no grand plans to do anything this holiday as it always seems that when we do, all hell breaks loose and our time gets taken by other dramas that unfold. This holiday we just plan to BE and see how it unfolds!!

I have made a few exciting purchases on ebay of late – a sewing machine that is almost brand new for a quarter of its new price, and a cupboard to store my art supplies in for a whopping amount of 99c. I have been inundated with creative ideas that are just flowing so I have my little notebook and pen with me all the time now to jot things down. I have been praying for awhile now, asking God to download ideas and Blueprints to me – I need to work next year and I have no desire to teach again so I am scrambling for an idea. I have been down this road before with no success so I won’t share anymore until things are working and happening except to say that God seems to be downloading amazing ideas to me. Time will tell – in the meantime I am working hard to make it a reality.

The other joy in my day is that we have sunshine – yes that little ball of warmth is making an appearance although it comes and goes – my delight is that we will probably have a warmer summer this year – Yay!!

Ikea have opened a new megastore quite near to us and so I hope to have a trip there this holiday – I love browsing and getting ideas in home stores and Ikea has incredibly good ideas.

Awhile ago I posted about my laundry makeover – well I have been very silent since then because after the big clean up things got worse than ever!! It got to the point where I so hated my laundry. I could barely get in the door because this is what confronted me :

  • four baskets of clean washing overflowing onto the floor
  • A pile almost to the ceiling of dirty washing squashed between the deep freeze and the wash basin.
  • A counter top also full of clean but unfolded laundry
  • three standing fans that took up way too much space
  • A car seat
  • numerous empty boxes
  • A bag of old clothing waiting to go to the opshop
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • A clothes drying rack
Yes I am ashamed to say it was so bad I refused to even take a before photo – it was worse than when I snapped it for my last post – heehee – that is a little embarrassed laugh.
My saving grace the other day was the power cut we had – I couldn’t blog or surf the net or do anything really except CLEAN THE LAUNDRY. It took me four hours to sort through that lot and I think I am reformed now – I don’t ever want to go through that again. To keep me motivated I painted a picture to hang up in there so that it is a bit more of a pleasant place. This is my painting of  “Laundry day in Africa”.
Laundry neat and tidy!! Long may it last!!
Hubby has had his own spurt of inspiration – the spring weather has had him planting our new Kitchen Garden – tubs and containers full of salad greens and veggies. Looks like we will be having lettuce, tomato, capsicums, egg plants, beans, peas, chillis, spinach, basil and my most favourite coriander!! He has worked very hard to get this happening and Aaron loves to water the garden each day.

2 thoughts on “A spurt of inspiration…

  1. Your Mom

    Well done! I have also done a job that I have been putting off for weeks – to clean the stove.
    This must be the thing I dislike most in the world – I felt so smug after three hours scouring and polishing and the stove was looking shiny and bright! Now I don’t want to do any cooking in case it gets stained again! I love your Laundry in Africa picture.

  2. Elaine

    My sentiments exactly, – but I don’t have a laundry! So it gets pushed under the basin in the bathroom before being transferred to the kitchen floor for shoving into the machine, load after load after … Ah well, just loved your painting, and wish I could borrow “the man” for my veggie containers. My fingers never did grow green> Give me 10 for trying though!


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