Family update

All has been quiet on the blogging front – not much exciting news has been happening I’m afraid. On the bright side we are heading for some beautiful weather this weekend – up to 27 degrees I believe – oh yes roll on summer – looking forward to it!!

Hubby is training hard for his Ironman event next year. I am swimming with him and pushing him in this area as it is his biggest fear and weakness. So far all is going well – well sort of, if you discount being swooped by magpies every time you venture out on your bike. Yes it is swooping season and these protected birds are NASTY!!!

The other day hubby came home from his big cycle ride with a bleeding ear and head. Seems a magpie decided he was a threat. He was hit from behind so hard that initially he thought a car had hit him. That crazy bird came back a few more times managing to claw his ear and believe it or not, peck his head through a gap in his helmet. He has been told by other cyclists to wear a beanie under his helmet to cover his ears and to put some eyes on his helmet. Here are some of the suggestions he received for scary helmets –  Haha!!


This is the part of spring we don’t enjoy here in Australia. Zoe is too scared to walk to school at the moment and so we have to make plans to get her there. Last year I also had a run in with a swooping magpie but lucky for me I had my umbrella and could protect myself with that.  They really are mean and quite scary when they swoop you.

We have managed to enter hubby into a triathlon called the Ultimate Tri. This is a good practice run for the big event next year. At the end of November we will venture to a place called Wagga Wagga for this race. It will be a 2 km swim, a 120km cycle and a 20 km run.

I am trying out some alternate therapies for my diabetes and cholesterol as the medication the doctor gave me was not working for me – I have a friend who is a nurse and she has been so helpful in giving me advice and helping me. So far all is going well. I have been testing my blood sugars as I am taking Chromium and they have been outstanding – makes me wonder why doctors don’t suggest these supplements before throwing medication at you – could it be to do with money?? Sorry don’t mean to be cynical – doctors are great and we do need them, but I am just trying to work out something that will benefit me long term without taking numerous meds.

I spent another afternoon in the emergency room at the hospital last week. This time it was Ethan. I got a call from school to say he had injured his shoulder during recess. Apparently he and the boys had been messing around doing somersaults into a sand pit. Then Ethan decided to try a new dive that he called the Dolphin Dive – basically just means diving straight out and into the ground- yes I know what you are thinking – I had those thoughts too!! He landed on his shoulder and was in agony. So we had a long wait in emergency. I chuckled listening to Ethan explaining how he hurt it to the nurse. He was too embarrassed to tell her how it happened so he made up this story that he was playing footy and was tackled – haha – lies all of it!! Anyway Iam relieved that nothing was broken – just soft tissue damage and painkillers to help. Don’t think he’ll be trying that move again soon!!

Zoe has finished her season of basketball and decided that she has had enough. She is so good at it but she would like to try soccer next so we will see where that goes.

Michaela is off on a six day holiday with a friend these holidays. She has been invited to go with a girl from school. They are going to the Great Ocean Road and she will be staying in some beautiful luxury homes. She is looking forward to it. She has been instructed to take many photos!!

That is about all for now from our end – looking forward to the coming weekend and then school holidays at the end of next week – hurray!!!


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