Fathers Day

Yesterday was Fathers Day in Australia. It always amazes me that we need to have a day to remember the special people in our lives. While I don’t have an issue celebrating special days, I do have an issue with spending a large amount of money on cards for these occasions. We have an unspoken rule in our home for these occasions. Sharing how you feel is very important and really blesses the person you are honouring, whether it be Fathers day, a birthday or a child achieving well at something. In our family, this is done through cards made by us for the special person involved. There is nothing quite like a hand made card that has had time, effort and love poured into its creation. It is designed specifically for the person in mind and so it is unique and one of a kind.

Cards from stores are great, but they are so expensive these days that one almost ends up looking for the cheapest rather than the one you like the most. We always encourage our kids to create a card that will express their feelings and their unique design. The result is that each child will make something that reflects their personality and character. You get to see how your kids think and what their personalities are like through their designs.

Yesterday morning we celebrated Fathers Day with the children presenting their cards to their dad.

Our youngest Aaron, had taken time to draw a picture of Mum, Dad and himself doing something special. He wrote in the card all by himself copying the message his oldest sister wrote out for him. Not only was he so proud of his achievement, it gave us something to commend him on, it gave him quality time with his sisters as he proudly contributed his card.

Zoe, our second youngest made her card, and halfway through her design realized she had put Happy Birthday instead of Happy Fathers Day. She erased it but you could still see through her colourful lettering the little error. So she made a joke out of her mistake when she wrote the message inside. Again it shows her personality – she is very laid back and life just happens around her in her sometimes absent-minded way. But she doesn’t stress when all is not perfect – she will just make another plan!!

Ethan usually draws cartoon characters on his cards with bubble speech. His cards are usually a bit comical and with a bit of humour thrown in. Simple but effective – not too fussy and definitely not time consuming but heartfelt nonetheless.

Michaela loves to spend time designing the perfect card and making sure it is very special in every way. She loves to bless this way. She designed a special Iron Dad card because he is in training for his Ironman event. She took three little pieces of wooden board and made a little card book that was so special. She then decorated each section with a discipline of the event – swim, cycle and run. In it she wrote her feelings but also encouraged her Dad to pursue his dream – lovely idea.


So we had a lovely day  and the man of our home felt loved and special as each expressed their gratitude and love  in a unique and special way. The only problem though is that these kind of cards can never be thrown out – EVER!!


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