Every crap day has a silver lining…

I never want to go through yesterday or today again – and thank the Lord I will never have to. Do you ever have days where things just don’t work out and you feel stressed and pressured and the more you try to solve things the more they fall flat at your feet? Yes we’ve had a week like that – so much for our weekend break – I feel totally kaput (think that’s a South African word – basically means completely had the stuffing kicked out of you!!). I discovered to my shock and horror this week that our car registration was due on the 1st of September – problem was though, that it wasn’t yet transferred into our name as we were waiting for our tax refund. So in two days I had to put the car through a road worthy test – that meant we needed four new tyres plus a few other repairs before I could get the car transferred. Then I still had to pay for the next years registration. By lunch time yesterday I physically felt as though I would vomit from stress. I needed about a thousand dollars and all I had was six hundred dollars left on my credit card and a whopping one dollar eighty-seven cents in our bank account. Fortunately through great people we are in relationship with here, we managed to loan the extra as there was a hold on money in one of our accounts till, yes you guessed it, the 2nd of September – one day too late for my registration (they are very strict here!!).

Then to add to it all  hubby had another oesophagus attack. Whenever there is stress this goes off. He has had parent teacher interviews this week and has been working very late. Last night he got some meat stuck in his oesophagus again – result being that we needed to go to emergency again today. He is all good now and back on track – just felt like everything was hitting us in one go.

The point of my story though is not to whinge (believe it or not) but to say that every crap day has a silver lining ( and for those family members back in SA who are gasping at my use of the word crap-it’s not a bad word here – in fact quite expressive if you ask me!!). My silver lining when I arrived home after a day in the roads department and emergency room was a little bunch of daisy type flowers that Aaron had picked for me and put in a little glass jar.



Added to that was this beautiful bunch of flowers that a friend up the road gave to me.

I realise that I am a lover of flowers – can’t help myself – flowers cure all!!

It’s the little things that make the bad memories evaporate and a glimmer of hope peek through when all else seems beserk!! So thank you for the blessings in tough times too Lord and for flowers – may tomorrow be sunshiny all the way!!


2 thoughts on “Every crap day has a silver lining…

  1. mumonhomework

    Having my own crap couple of days here in the Uk and your post made me feel a bit better – always good to know you’re not on your own – thank you & hope things have improved since your post!


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