Weekend break….

We are having a relaxing weekend off this weekend and I am so enjoying it. Weekend off from what? you ask. No we don’t technically work in paid employment over the weekends but we are very involved in church life and leading in that capacity. We have had a very busy few weeks and so this weekend we are taking a break from everything and everyone. This means lying in and having time to potter around at home and time to read and write and relax. Amazing what a bit of R and R can do for one.

The weather has been glorious this week – the spring blossoms are out and the sun has made an appearance which has been beautiful. Just being outdoors again has been so refreshing and inspiring. Hubby has got all his pots ready for our kitchen garden and so seedlings will be planted soon. We had a great Bacon and egg BBQ breakfast yesterday morning followed by a trip with the girls to the Dandenong market. I can’t believe that the last time we went to the Dandenong market was almost a year ago with my brother and his family – time flies!!

Michaela made us some chelsea buns for afternoon tea and they were delicious! This morning was another beautiful day and so the girls and I headed off to Akoonah Park market down the road from us. This is a lovely market set in the showgrounds – full of antiques and knick-knacks as well as fresh produce and other items. We window shopped and enjoyed the relaxed market feel.

in the  afternoon Michaela headed off  to the city with her friend to watch the footy – have no idea how that game works!! We headed off to the beach although it was a bit windy and we had a great time – anything sun related is a plus in my book – I am sooooo Vitamin D depleted!!!

Aaron has been very excited as the school he will attend next year sent him a special T-shirt in the mail – he loves his new shirt and provides free advertising wherever we go.

He is also starting to swim well – hubby takes him into the pool every Tuesday and teaches him a bit more after he has done his Ironman swimming training. He is now able to float all on his own.

Our drama for the weekend was when Zoe kicked her soccer ball through our glass door in our bedroom. Fortunately they are cottage panes so at least it wasn’t a large piece of glass. Reminded me of our days as kids again where cricket balls went through windows fairly often!!

All in all a great weekend before a very busy week ahead!!


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