ladder time

Today I decided to tackle my wooden ladder that I found abandoned on the hard rubbish. I started by taking the back of the ladder off so that it was just a leaning ladder. Then I really didn’t like the colour it was, so I went out and bought some paint. This is what is looked like when I found it.

This paint is a Taubmann’s  paint and the colour I chose is called “Wharf Blue”. I really love this colour – I set to work painting the ladder and it was an exceptionally easy job.

Once it was done I loved it but wanted to make it a bit more unique. So, I printed out some words on the computer and then stencilled them on the side of the ladder in Antique white paint.

It looked a bit too neat at the end of the job so I took some sandpaper and roughed it up a bit so it had a more weathered look. I love how it has turned out.


2 thoughts on “ladder time

  1. lynne

    I love it… I’m definitely going to borrow this idea for our office! We are busy building ceiling-high shelves (5m high) so a ladder is definitely needed


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