Birthday wishes…. 15

I love my son – he is witty and can be cheeky at times in a playful teasing way. This has the potential to drive the girls in our family wild and for a season this was not cool (the early teen season) but thankfully we are getting past all that. His personality is starting to creep back after some peculiar teenage alien took over his body briefly -haha!! The reality of growing up is sinking in and he is beginning to stop thinking the world owes him everything and to see that he has to make some choices regarding his own life. We are in the process of choosing his subjects for next year and the choice is not that easy for someone who really doesn’t like school – everything is HORRIBLE!! He has started talking about maybe becoming a detective in the state police one day but the scary thing is that he will need his VCE to do that – who knows – maybe that will be his motivation?

This wonderful boy of mine turned 15 yesterday and he was so appreciative of his gifts we gave him – one thing I will say for him -he has always shown gratitude for things we give him and he is very undemanding in terms of gadgets and “must haves” that many teenagers  expect these days. He will quietly entertain himself and loves his skateboard. He also loves his little brother and spends time with him often.

I cooked him his favourite dinner of steak and potato salad last night and we ended off with an ice cream cake I whipped up – very yummy.

Here is the dessert we had and the way I made it.


  • 3 litres vanilla ice cream softened
  • 1 tin of caramel
  • 2 peppermint crisps
  • chocolate topping that hardens
I also had a bit of chocolate ice cream over that I added – you could use half vanilla and half chocolate if you prefer.
Soften the ice cream till it is smooth but not too runny. Line a springform tin with tin foil. Place half your ice cream into the tin and smooth it down. Crush 1 peppermint crisp and sprinkle it over the ice cream. Cover with remaining ice cream (this is where I used the leftover chocolate and then covered it with the remaining vanilla). Freeze for a few hours.
About an hour before serving – mix the caramel in a bowl till smooth and then spread over the top of the ice cream cake.  Freeze again for a half hour till caramel is cold. Remove just before serving. Warm your chocolate topping in microwave for30 seconds till runny. Decorate the top of cakewith choc topping. Crush remaining peppermint crisp and sprinkle on the top.
This was very easy and extremely delicious – but be warned – it’s rich!!

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