Family thoughts….

It has been a while since I last posted -I haven’t really had too much to say I guess. Things have been very busy for me as I have been organising a meal roster for church and also trying to get the younger children’s group at church sorted out. I am tearing my hair out with the lack of help that we have for this age group. The poor teachers I do have, are flat out tired but there are not many volunteers queuing up to impart to the kids. This leaves me feeling frustrated and a bit annoyed but I will get over it. No wonder the poor lady before me wanted out from organising this lot!! On a happier note, Michaela and I went to a jewellery making workshop yesterday and we are designing a piece of jewellery. This is rather exciting although I must admit I have no idea how I will get what I want. I have all these grand ideas in my head but reality is that things need to be a little simpler.

This weekend my Mom and Dad are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary- this is such an amazing thing and I am so proud of them for walking through everything together. Being on another continent suddenly has this reality for me that I am missing out being with all my siblings and folks this weekend and this is when being apart makes it hard. I generally don’t feel that I miss South Africa as we have been gone so long, but I do still miss my people!! I just remind myself that even though there are things we miss out on, we have made a good decision to be here and that our children have amazing opportunity here. I don’t regret leaving and we have had some amazing adventures so far and for that I am grateful – I guess I will have to just add a little visit back to SA on my wish/prayer list!! I so hope my family just have fun this weekend and I hope too that they take lots of photos. Well done Mom and Dad for making 50 years and for being such great parents – we really love you lots xxx

I sorted through all my photos the other day and I sat and watched some video footage we have taken over the last few years. It was such fun reminiscing – I really do need my video tapes converted to DVD now. I particularly enjoyed watching the kids when they were younger. When we left South Africa we left some of our things in storage in the hope they could be sent to us when we were settled. This was not to be so. Unfortunately our video camera and our tapes were all stolen so I lost all the footage of Michaela and Ethan as little kids. I so regret this because there were some gems on those tapes. I realise how precious my digital camera is to me. We had a little accident a couple of days ago – I bumped my camera off my dresser and the bottom that holds the batteries in was damaged a little – now I struggle to keep my camera batteries in so that the camera actually functions – boohoo so sad!! Will have to make a plan – Caroline without a camera is like Willy Wonka without Oompa Loompas – just doesn’t work.

So enough rambling now – Time to get back to housework and hanging the washing (Oh how I hate that – wish you were here Mom – I know you love hanging washing!!)


2 thoughts on “Family thoughts….

  1. Your Mom

    We are indeed blessed to have had 50 years together and to have such a wonderful family – we love you all so. You will all be very much in our midst when we celebrate – will get the girls to take lots of pictures.

  2. Elaine

    Great to catch up – I know the feeling! And the older we get, the more difficult it seems to wrap ourselves into 24 hours,- there always seems to be less day than things to be done in it. Will be phoning your mom and dad with congrats. And of course, we are so proud of you all, with all that you do. Keep up the good work. Tons love from us both.


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