Holiday Plans…

Yay – it’s the winter holidays!! Yes they are really short holidays – two measly weeks but that’s better than nothing!! This has been a flat out term for us all. We have finished exams, reports, camp, winter sports and now we can breathe for a couple of weeks. I am not sure what we will get up to this holiday but  hopefully we will do some exploring  of the area we live in. We are quite keen to do a day trip into the city – we have lived here for 18 months and three out of our four kids have not really been into the city yet – crazy I know but Melbourne is so big and we live 45km out of the city. If the weather is kind and offers us a few icy sunshine days then we will venture out. So far the weather has been foul – winds up to 130km and icy blasts of rain added to that.

As for hubby, he is back in training mode after a bout of what he calls Man flu ( usually that means that it is very dramatic – but he assures me it is a scientific fact that men get flu worse than women because women have been designed to carry on nurturing the family – not sure about this being scientific hmmm … sounds like a man came up with this theory!!) Anyway I am glad he is back to his old self and even more relieved that the man flu is over before the holidays begin – yay!!! Hubby is getting back into the swing of things and trying to focus again on his Ironman training after a pulled calf muscle and this dreaded flu so all is good. In fact he has a new sweetheart in his life – she is far shapelier than I – she carries his load and never complains – she has curves in places I dream of but most of all he enjoys spending quality time with her – should I be jealous or what?? Before you start worrying about our marriage, all is good – no we haven’t introduced a new woman to spice up our lives – I’m talking about his new road bike that he has bought. She is pretty cool even I must admit. I have insisted that he move her out of our bedroom though – too much competition can’t be good – even if it is a bike heehee!! So we are back to following his program and I am trying to be supportive and get on board by swimming with him when he tackles that part of his program. Only about 242 days to the big event – time is marching on!!

Michaela and I have been looking at her study options for when she leaves school – I know it is still a year and a half away but we want to be prepared by knowing she has the right subjects to get into her chosen course. Initially I mentioned that she wanted to go to med school and study obstetrics, but we have had a good chat to a friend of mine who is a midwife and she has given us other options that we prefer. Michaela has decided she will rather go to uni and study a double degree in Nursing and Midwifery – this qualifies her as a RN and a midwife simultaneously, but also offers her the opportunity to study part time thereafter to qualify as a doctor if she so chooses. We prefer this route because she will be able to start with delivering babies and birth care straight after she qualifies instead of first having to be an intern in a hospital then a resident and then only specialising in her chosen field. This is a shorter course too being four years of study initially unless she goes on to become a doctor. The good thing is that there is a uni not too far from us that offers this course so all is looking good!!

As for the rest of the family we are all well and good – Aaron is so cute – I am really enjoying this phase of his life. He is so ready for school which makes me very happy as I know he will settle well when he starts next year. Ethan was sporting a swollen nose last week after being punched accidentally by a mate at school during some boyish game they were playing. He did mention that the boy in question is not very good at aiming (he was aiming for Ethan’s arm) and that even in sport at school he can’t throw a ball straight – lesson learned I hope!!

Hubby and I are beginning to question next year and where we hope to be going. We have a few projects up our sleeves and we will need some time to put them into practice. We are toying with the idea of both of us working only three  days a week – that will free us up for great family life, Ironman training, project planning and whatever else comes along. We are really becoming conscious of quality of life and being happy in what we do – we realise it is essential and so part time work from both of us will enable us to live quite well here – maybe even a little  better than we currently do with hubby on a three quarter wage. Just a thought???

I have a few projects I want to tackle this holiday (procrastinating from study again!!) and one of them is to try my hand at drawing with soft pastels. I have been ducking and diving from doing prophetic art in our church and I feel that I am not going to be able for much longer so I thought pastels could be a good medium for me rather than paint in that context – we shall see!! My other project is to tackle a wooden ladder that I found on hard rubbish. I have wanted a rustic wooden ladder for ages but they are very pricy to buy from secondhand stores – finding one that someone was throwing out was a blessing of note for me. I will post my pics when I am done. As for me I am off to tackle the ladder – weather is being mean again today and so we shan’t venture out. Have a great day all!!


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