New seasons

Life seems to go through seasons and cycles and we are entering another new season in our family life. It has hit me recently that we are certainly getting older even though I don’t really feel much older. This awareness has come about because I am filling out enrollment forms for Aaron to start school next year. I can’t believe my baby is old enough to begin school. On top of that I am filling out Secondary School enrollment forms for Zoe who will be going to High school next year and that totally blows my mind!! Michaela is considering her subject choice for next year as she has to drop a subject. She has decided to drop photography even though she gets top marks for it as she is considering applying for medical school after year 12 and is considering obstetrics as her specialization. This of course is a long way down the road with many years of study, but I can actually see her delivering babies and working in this area – she loves children. Back to the photography – she needs to drop it as all her other subjects are vital for her to get into med school whereas photography is something she can pick up or study as an interest later on. Just a moment to brag now (which I can do  because I am a mother and that’s what we do well!!) – she achieved 100% in her photography exam and she also got 100% for her practical photography assignment and folio – amazing child.

So we enter a new phase soon – one child starting school and one finishing off Secondary school next year. Hubby and I are also feeling as though things are changing for us too personally – he gets to fulfill his Ironman dream next year and I get to hopefully finish my graphic design studies next year (that’s if I stop procrastinating by writing blog posts and do some studying instead). I can’t believe how quickly time passes by – it seems just like the other day my children were in diapers and I had lots of energy!! I realise again how important it is for us to follow our dreams – this life is no rehearsal and we have but a short time in history to make our mark and to fulfill our dreams. I am only just now beginning to realise that dreams can change as you move through life and that we need to grab them with both hands when the opportunity presents itself. I love that we are spontaneous people. When I say that I mean that we are willing to take calculated risks at times and step out of the boat to walk on water. I need adventure in my life and I don’t do well with the mundane and boring. I know that Hubby is the same – he always needs a challenge and something to work towards. So I look forward to season changes and I know that good things are in store for us.

Have a blessed day.

PS: I have changed my blog header again – I couldn’t bear the wintry look even though we are in winter – too drab and I needed something more cheerful – a new season haha!! I did warn you that I don’t enjoy the mundane!!


One thought on “New seasons

  1. Jodes

    Exciting times… and yes, you can brag about your daughter. She has done amazingly.
    It’s a funny thing when you have a broad range of ages with your kids. Some are about to embark into their own adventure and some are just at the starting blocks.
    Lovely photos too.


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