A little bit of history….

I have been writing again and thoroughly enjoying it.At the moment I am writing hubby’s story (and mine) in relation to his Ironman preparation. This will hopefully be a useful tool down the line for future Ironman wannabes and I am also hoping will inspire a few people too. It’s amazing how much we forget about our day to day lives – reliving memories and stories has been quite therapeutic for me in many ways. I realize that preserving our memories and family history is really important in this day and age. In eras gone by, many families would tell stories that would be passed on from one generation to the next. Somewhere along the way this seems to have been lost. I realize that I don’t know much about my own family history at all. Yes I have memories of my grandparents and growing up with them, but I don’t know much about their early days – I know my one grandfather served in the World Wars and the other was a banker, but that’s about it – I don’t have any idea of details.  I have no idea about the medical side of my family history either – the doctors ask me whether my diabetes is hereditary  and honestly I have no answer for them – “I don’t think so” is all I can say!!  I don’t even know what I weighed at birth and what time I was born -this sounds a bit pathetic and sad I know, but I guess I never really thought to ask my parents these questions when I was younger.

Michaela, my eldest daughter, has an absolute passion for history. She is a strong believer in preserving the historical truth and she devours any books that have a historical theme. I guess in some ways this is why blogging has become so special to me – it is way more than just my random thoughts on a computer screen – more than a way for my family overseas to feel connected to us in some way – it is a historical document (a modern day one!!) of our family life and experiences. This will always be there for my children to look at – it is my way of recording our family history so to speak. So through the experience of blogging I can honestly say that I have found a passion in writing – writing of any form – this has become a gift that I have discovered and that God seems to be directing Hubby and I into more and more. I am seriously looking forward to the future and all that it holds – and it will be recorded in my own computer history book. And in the meantime, if any family members feel the need to fill in the blanks for me – feel free!! Have an awesome day everyone!!


3 thoughts on “A little bit of history….

  1. Your Mom

    Goodness me! You will be getting all the family history in due course! This will take a while so be patient!

  2. 4maze Post author

    Thanks Mom, I must say I never really felt the need to know the family history before – I guess it’s old age creeping up on me haha!!

  3. Tracy Swift

    Great Caroline…inspiring and encouraging… a new journey I am discovering I love too…writing is so liberating! Love to you all! Look forward to all your future bloggings…


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