22 years…



It’s the little things that cement a marriage and make it worth fighting for just as it can be the little things that derail a marriage and bring destruction. 22 years ago I walked down the aisle to meet my honey at the other end. There is not a day that I am not thankful for the amazing partner and best friend that the Lord gave to me. Obviously we have had our ups and downs like any married couple, but we have never spoken of divorce and we have made it our goal to love one another warts and all. I was thinking of all the little things that have blessed me in our years together. These are some of the  ways he has showed me his love:

  • flowers
  • cards
  • chocolate
  • giving me time out from the kids
  • coffees at the mall
  • back tickles almost every night
  • complimenting me on how beautiful I am to him
  • a love song or two
  • love letters
  • buying me beautiful things like perfume, bed linen
  • making me coffees in the morning
  • supporting me in everything I do
  • Telling me he loves me
  • cooking dinner on the BBQ
  • loving our kids
  • sharing his deepest dreams with me
  • trusting me with his secrets
  • valuing my opinion
  • including me in decision-making
There are so many more that the list could be endless. Each of these things seem small on their own, but with time and friendship and trust as the foundation they become very precious and special. I am so thankful for the years we have had together, for our amazing kids and for the many adventures that still await us. I love you my honey!!

4 thoughts on “22 years…

  1. Elaine

    So glad to part of it all, and at last having a chance to catch up! Gosh, you think time is hurtling by, but for us, it is unbelievable. So glad too that we are so richly blessed with our wonderful family!


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