Exams,Reports and Camp……

It is a crazy time in our household at the moment. That means it is exam time again for Michaela and exam marking and report writing for hubby. I don’t know why the school hubby works at has to write such in depth reports for each child – I wonder whether the parents would even read such a lot of info. The more you have to say the more likely there will be things put down that end up being waffle if you ask me!! Yep I know, no one was asking nor does anyone particularly care!!! Anyway we will get through report time. Michaela was freaking out this morning – she has three exams today – her biggest day – and she was worried about her Maths and having enough time to finish her English. She has become so studious- I have no idea where her dedication comes from – I was always a last minute crammer before exams and Hubby was about the same I think, but she actually writes out essays before the exam and gets her teacher to read and comment on them before the big exam – that amazes me!!! Then we have Ethan who is scraping by by the skin of his teeth – school lover – NOT!!! It amazes me how different each kid in the family is – not even remotely alike and yet they all grow up in the same household – yes God truly does make us each unique and individual. Zoe left this morning very excited as she was off to camp at a place called Camp Coolamatong. We had to start packing about 3 days ago – she insisted and it was probably a good thing as the weekend was very busy!! She will have a great time away for three days and the house will seem strangely empty – when even one child goes away we feel the difference.

This is where she is going – if she takes any pics while she is away I will post them later.

As for me things are okay. I had more blood tests done for my diabetes ( I have been living a bit in denial the last few months) but I am glad to say that my sugar levels are still okay with the diet (which I have not been following – because I was in denial!!) and the exercise (which I have been doing and has been my saving grace). However I have to take medication not for the diabetes but for protecting my kidneys ( not that I have a problem with them, but as a preventative measure apparently). So at least I am still not on diabetes meds yet, but I need to be a bit more serious about my food – this is irritating to me – I get sick and tired of always thinking about food, quantities, when to eat and how to balance it all out – it does become tedious and seem to consume your life!! Anyway will try a little harder to be disciplined. All in all I feel good and that’s a good thing. Next review will be in three months.

Autumn is well and truly over here and we are entering winter – has been cold and wet but with such great heating in our home it has been a pleasure. I never did get a photo of that beautiful tree – one day it was very windy and next thing you know there were no more leaves boohoo – never mind I still found some great pictures of similar trees. Enjoy!


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