House tour

This post is mainly for my family who have never seen my home here in Australia (except for my brother and his family). Sometimes it is hard to picture what a whole home looks like because photos don’t really show you the layout so here is my attempt to draw our house plan and to show you some photos of some of the rooms – hopefully that will enable those nearest and dearest to feel as though they know our home a little better. ( if you want to read how we have been blessed out of our socks over the last 5 weeks read my Fresh Encounters blog). God has truly been good to us and we are loving our life here in Australia – it has been a very good move for us all around. So everyone – enjoy my house tour!!

This is our main living room – a very large room with wooden floors and ceiling and some very rustic old brickwork. I must say I am not a fan of the old arches – reminds me of the seventies/eighties look. I hope to cover the fireplace arch with a very large mirror when I can find what I am looking for on ebay. I have divided the living into two areas because of the rooms size – mostly we enjoy time around the fireplace most of all. We love the new cream leather couches that were given to us – it really does make my living room lovely. We have an amazing porch that leads off our lounge and bedroom and this is also a well used area for us.

Please excuse this photo – it is a panorama of the whole living room from one end to the other so looks a little strange!!



The master bedroom leads off our living area and is completely separate from the rest of the family.


I love my kitchen and dining area as it is spacious and a lot of family activity happens here. We have our computer stations here and so often the whole family will be in these rooms. I love the black granite work top benches in my kitchen too – beautiful.


Our rumpus room is marvellous – the kids spend a lot of time in here – this is the room that can get messy and I don’t stress too much.



Don’t you love my retro wall art – a collection of vinyl records that I hung up – cheap but quite effective.


The kids rooms are all the other end of the house as you can see in the plan. At the moment the boys have decided they want to share a room so they are in the smallest room at the moment – we are looking at how to change this so that they can have some more space, but for now everyone is happy. There are no photos of their room – too messy I’m afraid to grace my blog!! Zoe’s room has been shown on my blog so left those pics out too!!

Michaela’s room has just had a revamp – she and a friend rearranged it the other day – she loves anything that is to do with Paris.

The garden is looking green but there are no flowers – the roses are pretty much over and they are ready to be pruned now. I think we are in for a cold, wet winter.

Hope you all enjoyed my tour and can picture us a little more in our space. And finally – a very rare picture – the four rugrats playing a game together – wonder how long that will last??


3 thoughts on “House tour

  1. Your Mom

    Thank you for the tour of your home – you have made it look lovely and and a real home – I am proud of the way you do all your shopping on ebay or at your favourite shops where you get those wonderful bargains!

    1. 4maze Post author

      That bookshelf is a makeshift bookshelf that hubby made to block off the rumpus room from the lounge and he did a great job – I love it!! Yes I started arranging the books according to colour one day when I was really bored, but if you look closely you will see that I gave up about half way hehe!!


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