Too much on a too little plate!!

We have had a very busy family week over the last week. Things have been flying along at sonic pace and I feel pretty wrecked!! On top of that we have had three out of four kids sick and another with a truck load of school assignments due. Add to the mix two birthdays and a party, a deb ball and a church community meeting in our home that will host around 40+ people. In all this craziness I am pleased to say that my first college assignment has been completed and is ready for posting – Yay!!! I am so enjoying my course and I am feeling very challenged by the assignments which is good.

I can’t believe that my baby (Aaron) has just turned 5 – of course he would be mortified if he knew I was blogging about him being my baby!! I have been informed by him that he is now old enough to get school things for his birthday. Fortunately I get to keep him till the end of the year before he is able to start school. I so enjoy my time with him. He had great fun opening his presents and hubby and I really laughed – his favourite present of all was the smallest, cheapest present – I wish I had been quick enough to capture his face when he opened it but I was still half asleep and as you can see most of my shots were blurry and out of focus – Note to self: do not try to capture important moments when half asleep!!

I have so enjoyed this child – he has been pure joy to me – an absolute delight. he is loving and very considerate – he expresses himself marvellously and all of us really dote on him ( the privilege of the youngest!!)

Michaela and her friend had a combined birthday party – the theme was the70’s and they enjoyed dressing up – she made her invitations on little records (vinyls) which looked really cool. I must say I enjoyed the party music – the Bee Gees, Abba and more – it brought back many memories.  I made this amazing chocolate cake with fresh strawberries on top but I never got a picture of it as we had to dash off to the party before the camera came out.  I am not sure what to do about a cake for Aaron – I haven’t made him one yet and I don’t think a party is on the cards this year – our days are pretty full up. His biggest request though is to have a day trip to the snow as he has never seen it and he is desperate to experience it. so that could be a plan!!

Other than that there is not much else happening here – winter is fast approaching as temperatures have been pretty cold at around 8 degrees (which is cold for autumn!!). I have spotted some beautiful trees in the neighbourhood and so hope to get a few shots of them. My son thinks this is weird!! He thinks I should just get a photo off the internet of an autumn tree – where is the creativity in that??

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


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