Special Moments….

Today is a special day – it is Mothers Day and my daughter’s 17th birthday.  I cannot believe it is seventeen years since she entered the world – also on Mothers Day. It was the best Mothers day ever – and every year since then has been one of joy and pride that we have produced such a marvellous person. She has grown into a beautiful young woman who knows what she wants, who fiercely protects her siblings and family, who loves Jesus and worshipping Him, who values the meaning of family and who is thoughtful and loyal to those she gives her heart to. I love that my daughter enjoys being with me – she still loves to cuddle and receive affection and I love that our relationship is not just a mother and daughter but one of friendship too. She has added to our family more than words could ever convey and her lovely spirit has been a joy and blessing to us all.

I feel truly blessed this Mother Day – I remember my own Mom and how much she taught me as I grew up – I am so grateful that she showed me who Jesus is – for that alone I could not thank her enough. She showed me how to be a Mum  and to love even when the house seems like madness, she showed me how love and loyalty in a marriage are so valuable – thank you Mom for all that you have taught me over the years. And to my other “Moms” (my mom-in-laws) I thank you for teaching me things too. Thank you for showing me how to one day embrace my children’s spouses – with acceptance and love – thank you for treating me as a daughter and as someone good enough for your son – I feel so privileged!!

I  hope one day too that my children will look on their childhood years with fondness and joy and with a thankful heart. I am so thankful for the children that we have – each of them a joy in their own unique way. I awoke to a pile of gifts today – each chosen carefully for me by a different child and the cards carefully made and drawn. Words that left me delighted and a little tearful too. We all sat on our big bed and Michaela insisted that I open my presents before she did her birthday gifts – always a thoughtful child!! What a lovely morning we had. Here’s wishing you all a happy Mothers Day too!!


2 thoughts on “Special Moments….

  1. Elaine

    Beautiful, beautiful! And that little girl who I pushed in her little push chair with such pride and joy is now a young lady in a most exciting year. Gosh, it is wonderful, but as a mom and grandmom, and all the other type mom, I feel so blessed to be a part of such a great family. Love you all so very much,
    and thank you for all you are.

  2. Your Mom

    The Lord has really blessed me with four lovely children and ten grandchildren – thank you for being who you are and for the love that you show to all. Michaela has grown from a beautiful baby into a beautiful young lady and we are so proud of her. We pray that the coming year will be a blessed one for her and that all her dreams will come to pass. We love you all xxxxxx


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