Photo Editing Tutorial

Okay everyone – I am so excited about what I have discovered using the photo editing program Picnik that I am going to share it with you. This free online editing program is so easy to use and is amazing – for a few dollars more a month you can get the premium features. Up to now I have only used the free version but I am considering paying the few dollars so that I have all the features, especially with the Graphic Design course I am studying. Start by going to the website . Then click on the GET STARTED NOW button. Then click on the button that says UPLOAD A PHOTO. Choose a photo from your computer that you would like to edit. It will load the picture for you. For general editing of colour and exposure or for cropping, you can play around with the various headings on the EDIT page. I am going to show you something a little more complicated. We are going to edit photos so that there are some areas that are black and white and some areas that have colour.

This is the image I will use for demonstration.

When your image is loaded click the tab at the top of the page that says CREATE. This will relaod your photo with new headings. Click on the heading that says EFFECTS.  Now scroll down the side bar of effects – there are many to play with, but for this tutorial you need the Black and White effect. Click BLACK AND WHITE. This will change your photo to black and white. A little box that says EFFECT PAINTING should come up next to the photo – if not then look at the black and white effect box you just clicked and click on the little paint brush. Now click the side that says ORIGINAL. Then tick the box at the bottom that says REVERSE EFFECT. Immediately the colour of the picture will return. Now you are ready to play. Choose your brush size – if you are painting large areas black and white then use a large brush, but if you are painting small areas then use a small brush size. This is quite tricky as painting with a mouse is quite difficult. Begin painting the areas that you want black and white making sure to cover all areas properly. Keep areas that you want impact or contrast in colourful. If you make a mistake click UNDO at the top of the page on the right hand side.

This is what I have done.

When you have finished painting click APPLY to save it. Then go to SAVE AND SHARE to save your photo to your computer. When it has saved it will take you back to the Home page of Picnik where you click CLOSE PHOTO. Then you can start all over again by uploading a new photo to play with. Have fun!!!

Here are some of my photos of the kids that I have edited with this feature.

I really love this one – the vivid blue of the dress is fantastic with the Black and white.

Hope you all enjoy trying out this feature. As for me it is time to get back to my assignment – no more distractions – it has to be done!!!


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