I’m feeling creative….

I have an assignment that is fairly challenging  that needs to be done and I am procrastinating. Well actually, I am not really procrastinating – I am hoping inspiration will strike. Trying to get one’s mind back into study mode is a bit tricky and hubby has been helping me by insisting I  do an hour of study in the evening – good man that he is!! Anyway I am feeling creative – just to complete the tasks I have been wanting to tackle for ages!! My rumpus room/TV lounge is not a nice place. It is full of mismatched furniture and carpets and I am tired of it – I know what I want so I am in the process of revamping – will reveal all when it is done. Another project I have wanted to tackle for a while has been my fridge. This is an old fridge that is beginning to rust and look very unappealing as the photos show. No matter how hard I scrub the front, it still looks like there is food on the front – NOT A GOOD LOOK!!!

So my solution was to make it into a feature.  I sanded the paint on the front and down the sides of the door with sandpaper. Then I cleaned it and finally I painted it with Black chalkboard paint. Now I can stick photos on it, or write my shopping list on it – whatever mood takes my fancy!!

So here is how she turned out!!

So far no one has been allowed to write on my fridge – I am enjoying the neat black finish for awhile – this confuses the family of course but too bad!!

These are some more of the photos that I took of Aaron and Zoe at the Cheese Factory. This is a lovely old building and the brickwork made a lovely backdrop.

Getting Aaron to co-operate was a little harder – he was sick of having his photo taken by this stage so we had to bribe him with a chocolate easter bunny. Amazing what chocolate can accomplish!!

So that is what I have been up to – I have two birthdays coming up soon where I will need to come up with some cake ideas. Michaela is celebrating her 17th birthday on Mother’s day and Aaron will be 5 a week later – I can’t believe how fast they grow!!

Now it’s time I stopped playing on my blog and got down to tackling my assignment ….. mmmm …… well yes!!!


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