A few days in Lorne….

Getting away for a couple of days was wonderful – even just the change of routine and no demands was like a breath of fresh air. We decided to head off to Lorne but we chose the very scenic route to get there. Melbourne bay is huge – about a 300km round trip so getting from one side to the other is never a quick easy trip. We decided to head down to Sorrento (near Blairgowrie)  from home ( which is between Springvale and Drouin on the map)  on our side of the bay. We  caught a ferry across the bay to Queenscliff and then we drove along the Great Ocean Road to Lorne. All in all it took us about five hours with stops for lunch.

Sorrento is a very pretty spot – some lovely homes and quite a quaint village. The kids enjoyed the ferry ride – Aaron was fascinated that we could drive our car onto the ferry. Unfortunately we didn’t spot any dolphins on the crossing but the weather was good and it wasn’t freezing.

We enjoyed the trip down to Lorne as we have never explored that side of Melbourne due to the bay being so huge. It is very different in places to where we live – at times it was drier and the grass was browner, but then we also passed through some National Parks that were beautiful and lush and green. We arrived in Lorne in the late afternoon and we spent the rest of the day setting up camp while the kids explored and played in the stream below our campsite. We had borrowed some camp gear from friends and I discovered that not everything was there – I had one pot for the few days so cooking in THE POT was a challenge. I did it though!!!

The next morning we had breakfast and then went down to the pier to have a walk. The sea was magnificent and the water crystal clear in places.

This was a highlight for me – a photo with Ethan – he definitely is getting over the  “it’s not cool to be seen with Mum” phase.

Then we took a drive up to the Erskine Falls and had a walk through the forest. It was so pretty with all the tree ferns and moss – it reminded me a lot of New Zealand!!

For lunch we headed back to the beach in Lorne and had a BBQ picnic overlooking the bay. The kids enjoyed swimming (crazy as it was freezing, but they don’t seem to feel it!!) and hubby and I enjoyed the view and a glass of wine with lunch.

Michaela and I decided to walk back to our campsite through the village and do some shopping along the way. It was great to browse in the little shops and to get some good ideas from different places.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the stream around our campsite.

That evening I had a run in with a possum at the entrance to our tent. The dear little creature decided it wanted to come down the tree as I was making my way into the tent. I clapped my hands trying to scare it but instead of running up the tree it decided to jump down towards me – well instinct took over and I ran around the boys tent screeching like a mad woman in the middle of the night – poor hubby had to get out of his warm bed to rescue me and chase away the possum.

During the night it began to rain, but our tents stayed nice and dry and warm – the only lousy part was packing up in the drizzly rain. Our trip home was uneventful – we drove around the bay and through the city this time taking us about 3 hours.

I never got to see the 12 Apostles after all, as it was still another 145km from where we were staying. Hubby and I decided that we will make the trip when we can get away without the kids as their tolerance for sitting in the car for hours is somewhat limited.

All in all we had a great few days away – it was so lovely exploring more of where we now live.


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