Family outing….

I am so proud of my brother and nephew for completing their first Ironman in South Africa yesterday. We spent the evening tracking their progress online – I love technology. We live thousands of miles away and yet we could follow them. Not only did they complete it they ripped it – they did fantastically well. They completed it in just over 11 hours. For those of you who have no idea what an Ironman entails, it is a very rigorous event. A 3.8km swim followed by a 180 km cycle followed by a 42.2km marathon. Well done guys what an amazing achievement. This has gotten hubby all fired up and motivated for his Ironman next year.

Today we decided to head out on a family outing to feed the birds at Grant’s picnic. The last time we were there we were with my brother and his family. There weren’t too many bird varieties as they are doing some construction there, but there were plenty of cockatoos to feed. Ethan decided to come with us today without us nagging and begging him to join us which delighted me. He has become more family oriented the last few weeks and this has made me and hubby sigh a sigh of relief. I got some lovely photos of everybody and especially Ethan – I try to capture him when I can – he’s not even hiding from me and my camera which is INCREDIBLE really!!




We had a few bad bird moments today – Aaron got a little scratched by cockatoo claws as did Ethan, I had one land on me which is a BIG no-no!! I shrieked and danced around a bit like a crazy lady yelling to hubby, “get it off, get it off – can’t it tell I’m the photographer!!”  Then to top it all hubby had a lovely long white trail of bird poop all down his back thanks to a cockatoo that took a fancy to him and would not leave him even when the seed was finished. Not our best bird trip!!

Then we drove on up to Sassafras which is a quaint little village. We decided Miss Marples was not a good guy tea spot and that us girls would return there without them during the holidays.Isn’t it a lovely old house? Hubby’s comment was that he would get claustrophobic drinking tea in a crowded room out of delicate china so that’s when we decided to give it a miss!!

We found a cute little bookstore down a lane and the children had great fun putting their faces through the painted board. There was much giggling and silliness from us all.





This lovely lolly shop was a hit to visit – jars of lollies on all the walls.

Then we went up to the Sky High Viewpoint and restaurant in Mt. Dandenong to have some tea and look at the view of the city.Unfortunately you can’t see the bay due to the miserable weather!!

By then it was getting very overcast and the rain was starting but I tried to get some shots of the  view. The girls sat in the Giant’s chair and we enjoyed scones with cream and jam.

Then we roamed the gardens in the rain with our hoodies pulled up.

Finally, after all getting a bit soaked, we decided to head home and build a  fire to relax around. Now we are sitting all snuggled up and warm with full tummies and I am blogging. Nothing like a fire and a block of chocolate!! All in all a great day!!


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