Family news…

The holidays have started and today was Zoe’s basketball final. She played the best I have ever seen her play. Initially the game was very tense as both teams seemed equal and they battled to get score on the board. Then Zoe popped one into the net and was the first to get score on the board. She then went on to shoot another 3 baskets. She played like a champion. Hubby and I were feeling a little stressed for awhile, but then the girls pulled it together and whipped the opposition. Here is the final score:

At the end of the game we went to the presentation where the girls received a trophy each. Well done Zoe, you have done us proud.



Michaela has begun a project of another kind. She is wanting to save enough money to be able to go to India in January next year with the church. Previously I have mentioned that we go into India to witness and be a blessing to local villages and particularly to an orphanage that we support. She has decided to start making various bracelets, necklaces, watches and jewellery from beads and other materials to try and raise some money for that. This is my little advertising campaign for her. I will showcase some of her work when it is done so keep posted.


The boys had a camp out in Ethan’s room last night. That usually involves much horsing around and a late night. Nonetheless all is good today and no one seems grumpy.

Hubby is very excited because today in gym class he met a guy who has done the Australian Ironman and he is competing in next years New Zealand Ironman which is what hubby will be doing. He is pleased to have a local contact who can help him with training tips etc and someone who has experienced it before. I have been thinking a lot about my younger brother – he is doing the Ironman in South Africa tomorrow and I have been feeling nervous for him today – here’s trusting that all goes well after a lot of training. I am looking forward to a visit to New Zealand next year in March – it won’t be a long visit as hubby will have to take leave from work but it will be good to catch up with a couple of friends if we can.

Hopefully this holiday we will be able to get out and about and visit a couple of places we haven’t been before. It will be good to get the camera out and explore another part of this very big city. I am looking forward to taking lots of photos for you all in the next few days – have a great Easter break.


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