Hairy Tales…

School holidays are only a few days away and I am looking forward to the easier mornings. It is starting to get quite cool here in the mornings and not so easy to roll out of bed anymore. I detest my phone alarm – just a bad reminder that comfy, warm sleep is over all too quickly and the day must begin. We have been so busy that I feel like I am fighting off a head cold and I am constantly tired. I am not complaining – just rejoicing actually that  I don’t feel horribly ill – I have taken the week off gym to get my body back in sync – there is nothing worse than exercising when you feel crook. So today is pamper morning for myself – I am still in my sloppy clothes with a hair colour in my hair. Once that is rinsed out the highlights will go in – looking forward to having hair that is presentable again!!

I feel that there are so many projects on the horizon that I don’t quite know where to begin. I am desperate to get my book edited and out to some readers who will give me feedback, and I have been asked by a friend to please write his book for him – I am very excited about that project. At the same time I am starting a new book that will have input from hubby and myself of lessons we have learned on our spiritual journey. That just leaves  time to grab for my studies which I am enjoying so far!! No wonder I am tired!! Anyway time to scamper off and rinse my hair colour  out before I end up looking like Cruella de Vil.

Hair all done, but if I thought it would be with no interruption I was mistaken – I had someone phone to pop over in the middle of having blue highlight streaks in my hair and while half-dressed – not a good look I might add!! Anyway I managed to delay the person by 40 minutes so that I could get the job done – once you start you can’t really put it on hold. I was fairly pleased with the result even though it ended up being a rushed job.

The other day I managed to get this photo of my boys – I don’t often get the teenager’s photo but I love this one.

I managed to find a couch cover for my big couch at the op shop and so I have all my chairs covered now. This cover was in lovely condition and only cost $10 so I scored. I have been temporarily covering my couch with blankets and quilts but it wasn’t the look I wanted. So at last we have moved more to the look I want.

This was our lounge furniture before the change:

And this is how my lounge looks now.


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