Reverse Thinking

This video clip is amazing – I get tearful every time I see it – it is so incredible how our thinking when reversed can mean something so different – truly brilliant!! I guarantee you will be blessed!



So much has happened this weekend and I have felt a little bit emotionally tender. A good friend of ours (someone we haven’t seen in years) passed away on Friday – he was only in his 50’s and hubby and I were really part of their family in our early married days. We had such fun with them and their kids were a bit like our kids before we had our own. We were like one big extended family. So hearing that he had died really saddened us and brought back memories. It made me realise again looking at this video clip that life is short and we never know the day or time we may be whisked away – it makes me more determined to live out the kingdom (not religion!!! –  I hate religion and Jesus did too!!) because many people think the way the guy in the video clip thought – WHY? Because they don’t know what Jesus is really like – they have a preconceived idea of religion and salvation based on what they were taught or through their experience -thinking they have to give up their lives to live a miserable enslaved existence – not true – the Jesus I know is fun and passionate – He played with the kids, laughed, wept when a friend died, turned water into wine at a wedding ( yes get your head around that one) and he enjoyed life – he hung out with those that society shunned – tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers and more. He brought hope, love and acceptance to them. Why has the church become so staid and boring – following religious traditions and rites and making Jesus into someone the world doesn’t want – someone they believe is judging the world through earthquakes and tsunamis and more – that is not the Jesus and Father we know. He is loving beyond measure – the fact that He sent His most precious son to take on our mistakes and pay for them proves that beyond doubt. If people could just realise that He doesn’t want to turn you into a robot and suck your life from you, but to just know you and you Him and to enjoy your life as He intended, it would free a lot more people to want His love and to receive it. We need reverse thinking in the church – reversal of all the law that we place on ourselves and others – it is by grace we are saved – rules and regulations only bring people into bondage!!

My Mom celebrated her birthday yesterday and again it reminded me that every time we celebrate our entry into this world it is nothing compared to how He celebrates over us. If we rejoice in people’s  lives then how much more does He rejoice over the ones He created – the ones he made in His image and likeness. Mom said they had a wonderful brunch for her birthday – I like to think that all of heaven were seated at their banquet table having brunch too celebrating my Mom’s birthday and her life and all the people she has blessed in her lifetime. We don’t serve an impersonal God – He knows every thought we think, every hair on our head, every struggle we go through and every joy we experience – He knows you, but do you know Him?


One thought on “Reverse Thinking

  1. Elaine

    So impressing, this. I wanted to comment when I first read it, and ask if I could link it, but was in heavy chaos mode, so normal procrastination set in.


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