Weekend break…

We had a wonderful weekend away – there is nothing like a break from the mundane and routine to energize and refresh oneself after a busy few weeks. Now to be honest, we didn’t go away to have a break or to rest – we went away because hubby was competing in a triathlon in Daylesford. This wasn’t your typical triathlon – it was more rough and ready than that – a swim in a freezing lake, followed by a mountain cycle through the Wombat forest and then a run through the bush on rough trails. He had such fun doing it, although he was full of a head cold which made it harder for him. We cheered him on as he came through each stage. This triathlon is the start of his training for a dream he has had for a long time – the dream to do an Ironman. That dream is now becoming a reality. Last week we decided to make it all come true. He registered for the New Zealand Ironman event in March 2012. This will give him a year to train for it as it is a massive undertaking. So now begins the hard work!! Isn’t he gorgeous?

Some people just couldn’t cope with the early morning start!!


We stayed at Lake Calembeen Caravan park in a cabin – six of us in very close proximity and yet we all managed well and had a great time. This park was in the little town of Creswick. Our cabin overlooked a little lake and the forest around it. We had a great time walking around the lake looking at the birds and enjoying the peace.

Daylesford was quite a cute town and bustling with weekend visitors. Michaela and I found some amazing shops – of course she was attracted to this bookstore which was two floors and crammed with books from beginning to end – a book lovers dream!! Her other favourite thing of all is chocolate so she couldn’t resist the chocolate shop either!!

Then we found another vintage store – I was drooling in this store – they had some amazing things in it from clothing to vintage furniture, lamps, little knick knacks and so on. This lamp took my fancy and if we had the space in the car, I would have grabbed it – it was a solid brass base with a shade that had a feather trim.

I did manage to purchase a few items from the Sunday market in Daylesford. I found a lovely wooden bread bin for $5 and a cute wooden cupboard for eggs for $10. I love buying a few small items when I visit a new place as it always reminds me of places I have been. hubby and I were both tempted when we saw a lovely old wooden ladder that was in brilliant condition – the only thing that deterred us was the idea of having to somehow strap it to the roof of the car and get it home again – no bad idea!!

We stopped at a place called Sailor Falls on the way home and had a walk down a steep set of stairs. The falls weren’t huge and not much water was flowing but it was pretty nonetheless. I even managed to convince the teenage son to have his photo taken – breakthrough!!


All in all it was a lovely weekend – relaxing and enjoyable. Aaron summed it up though when we got home – “Home sweet home Mum, it’s nice to be back in a bigger house and not in our little house anymore.”  Yes indeed, there is no place like home!!


One thought on “Weekend break…

  1. Jodes

    Well done to Mr Hubby and glad you enjoyed your time away.
    I love the last photo of your two lovely eldest kids, it’s great.


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