Family news….

Our little Zoe has done us proud. She attended her basketball presentation on the weekend and was awarded a trophy for being a Saints member. She has so loved playing this season and has asked if she can sign up for next season. The photos are a little sad as the venue was dark as it was in a movie theatre but nevertheless we managed.

I feel so blessed – I have just been given a beautiful dresser cupboard made of oregon pine which is lovely. Michaela has been wanting another bookshelf for her numerous book collection and she too was just offered a beautiful bookshelf out of the blue by someone. God is so good – he knows what we need (and even just what we desire sometimes) and He lavishes us just because He can!! I feel very blessed indeed!

We took Aaron swimming yesterday as he loves his weekly “lesson” with us both. Here he is swimming like a little fish in the pool.

We had some friends (who I suspect will become very dear friends in the future) stay overnight with us  en route back to India. We chattered non-stop from the airport to home (about 70km) and then back to the airport again this morning. We  had to fit in as much yakking (is there such a word) as possible as we only had about 10 hours and some of that we needed to sleep. It is so good to be inspired by others lives and to encourage each other. So loved having them!! I have to chuckle though – although they are a kiwi family (New Zealanders to those who don’t know!!) Aaron keeps referring to them as the Indians – I love that to him they are Indian because that’s where they live – I guess that is how we should view the world – we take on some of the lifestyle of where we live to reach those we need to touch!!

I have no idea where summer is this year!! It is now officially Autumn and I am wearing jeans, fluffy UGG boots , a long sleeved top and a scarf/wrap as I am freezing. I am still waiting for the scorching hot days we are meant to have – a lot of rain this summer and the odd humid, muggy day, but no beautiful weather this year. Maybe, just maybe we will still get a little sunshine before winter kicks in. In the meantime I am sorely tempted to build a fire in the fireplace to warm up – due to flooding our ducted heating is waiting repair, hence I am dressed like a polar bear!!

Enough of my ramblings – off to tutor an English lesson  – have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


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