Girly fun… and a date night out!!

Michaela has been wanting to go to an op shop scouting out fun things for a while now. Today after school I had a moment to take the girls out and we had some girly fun. Michaela had spotted this wedding/ debutante dress that she liked and she was keen to try it on even though she has decided not to do the debutantes ball this year. This girl of mine is a real romantic at heart – she loves all things beautiful and feminine and she envisions all sorts of romantic things in her head. So we decided to have some fun. The dress in the op shop was $180 so we had no intention of buying it – but who says we couldn’t try it on and of course photograph it. We had many giggles as we were squeezed into a change room cubicle the size of a postage stamp and there were layers and layers of dress to find our way through. Eventually we came right and got her laced up in the dress – oh how my heart skipped a few beats – she looked so beautiful in this white vision – eek she can’t get married for a while yet please God!!! Then the fun really started – I only had my phone camera and trying to take pictures in this small space was no mean feat – I couldn’t get her whole body in so we had to be creative and take photos of various bits. Never mind we got there eventually. doesn’t she look exquisite.

When I mentioned to the girls that Hubby was taking me out on a date Michaela’s romance meter kicked in and she quickly said, ” oh how cool Mum, I’ll make dinner if you want and then you and Dad can go out to eat before your movie.” Gotta love that girl – she is a champion and I love her to bits!! So hubby and I went off on a date (something we haven’t done in over a year due to circumstances) and I so enjoyed it. We relaxed and just enjoyed the evening. We have been counselling a couple who are getting married at our church in the next few months and we are running a marriage weekend in April, so all this has made us aware again how blessed we are in our marriage, but also how we should never forget to work on just being with each other and building on what we have. This is some of the yummy things we had – a divine flourless chocolate hazelnut cake and my favourite – a skim milk latte. Then we ended off the evening with a great movie. We both realized how needed this date was – we haven’t been out alone together in ages – romance is alive and well!!


3 thoughts on “Girly fun… and a date night out!!

      1. felicity

        i miss your girl sooo much.. dont think she realises how much =[
        but she is truely beautiful!!

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