From big matters to little matters.

It almost seems silly that I am pottering around putting order into trivial things in my home when the world is falling down in places and many people are suffering and have lost loved ones. However it does keep things in perspective for me as I realize that people are important and things are just things. Yes, I do get pleasure out of having pretty things around me, especially when I have adapted something or creatively used an item in an unusual way and that will always be a part of me I guess. Hubby and I have been devastated seeing the footage and photos of a city we loved (Christchurch)  lying in ruins. Our hearts will always be a part of that place – we have never stopped loving it and the people who we know there, and it has been an emotional time for us this week. We are relieved that people we know are all safe and okay, but our hearts go out to those who are hurting and have lost. It is almost weird seeing places and buildings you have been into lying flattened – too surreal!! So from the deep and big matters of life to the little matter of keeping myself busy (I really need to get busy with that correspondence course!!) – I have neatened up my entrance – nothing flash – just trying to make it a little more attractive than it was – unfortunately no before photo – just imagine dusty, toys and shoes everywhere and a light fitting that was a single dirty globe hanging from a twisted, pathetic metal frame and you get the picture!! Add a few tins and a cute jug, a lovely old basket for shoes. a big chair and my lovely potted hydrangea and it already looks better.  That sits on the wooden chair. All good!! I must say, I really love my cottage pane windows in this house even though cleaning them (which I don’t do often) is a pain!! As a little girl I always imagined living in a home one day with cottage pane windows. It always amazes me how often little details like these are “given” to us in life – it tells me that my heavenly Dad really cares about the little stuff that we desire too – isn’t that neat??

I quickly ran up a tea towel from IKEA into a cushion and stencilled WELCOME across the front.

I put my rustic wooden shelves at the door and placed some colourful geraniums on top – I still will need to make some colourful tins to put them into – I have 3 large tins that are still full, so when they are empty I will tackle them.

Hubby put up my new light (Bought at the op shop brand new for $10) and it looks lovely.

A much nicer way to arrive home each time I think!! Now lets hope we can keep it neat hmmm…


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