Funky Junk…

Every six months here in Melbourne we have something called hard rubbish day where any old furniture, white-ware, toys, carpets etc. can be put out on your verge and it will be collected by the council for you. This is marvellous as it means that you don’t have to  go to the dump and pay big fees to get rid of items. It also can get a bit festive as people tend to swap junk so to speak. Often people will take our junk and we will find things that others are tired of – great recycling!! We spent the whole afternoon putting out our rubbish on the verge and that meant reshuffling a few things indoors. I have in mind to spruce up our entrance as it is very messy at the moment and not too appealing. What I am planning is this:

  • Put up a new light at our front door – found this brand new light at the op shop for $10. Our previous light was an embarrassment – just a piece of metal sticking out with a dirty globe on it – yuck!!!
  • This old bookshelf or piece of shelf was probably a great piece in its day. I managed to convince hubby to let me keep it off the hard rubbish pile ( we were given it) as I had things in mind for it – hubby rolled his eyes and gave that “I hope I don’t regret this”  kind of smile.
  • This wooden chair was next to hubby’s bed as a table but we have now got him a bedside table so this will be used at the door just for fun.
  • A basket for some shoes that are always being kicked off.
  • Some old tins that I will spruce up to plant some colourful flowers in it.

More about that when the task is done!!

I have made a lovely little workspace for myself next to my bed. I was given a desk with a bookshelf on the side and so because I am planning to study this year I decided I need my own space. Here is my workspace. I plan to eventually add some cool crystal knobs to the drawers but that will come with time.


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