My little man…. all grown up

Last weekend was a big day for my four year old – he rode his bike for the first time without training wheels on his own. His older brother decided to teach him and so they went out and he helped Aaron to master the art of balancing and being confident enough to ride alone. He was so proud of himself as were his Dad and I. I had a bit of a lump in my throat – my little boy is gone and a more confident bigger boy is emerging.

Aaron has been so keen to start school – he does go to the gym kindergarten for a little while when I am cycling but I haven’t been able to get him into a local kindy (the waiting lists are endless!!)  so we have been doing some homeschooling (at least according to him) as he is so ready to learn. I have found a free website called starfall  and he has loved learning his alphabet and doing some of the little activities on the site. He is writing his name beautifully now and knows how to spell it so he is on track. By next year -when he is officially allowed to start school he should be well on his way. What a big week for my little guy!!!


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