Some days….

Some days I just get tired of the mundane!! Sometimes I get tired of having to think what to cook for dinner over and over again. Hanging up load after load of washing definitely falls into the mundane category. My laundry never seems to stay tidy no matter how many times I give it a spring clean!!Trying to follow a healthy diabetes friendly eating plan is definitely driving me insane – who wouldn’t want to occasionally sit down with a slab of chocolate and scoff the lot – try eating a couple of squares of a decadent mint choccie and then having to put it away – nope doesn’t work for me – I’m an all or nothing girl!! I have been mulling over and over in my head what I want to do this year. Hubby would like me to get a job I think, and I am not against that idea at all – I am just so tired of doing mundane jobs for a pittance. My other consideration here is the cost of childcare as it is very expensive. I don’t want to work simply to pay for childcare – what’s the point? I might as well stay at home and be with my little guy. This year really is my gap year to go for it. I have decided that I do not want to teach primary school again or to work in preschools or kindergartens as I have before. I am over the nappy, toddler phase and I want some adult stimulation now!! Aaron will begin school next year and so I am thinking of studying an online diploma this year so that I have more options next year. Hubby is very supportive even though he worries a bit about the financial side, but I have some thoughts as to where we could save some money  – I will still look for jobs that are part time and see what comes up. So I am on the brink of a new adventure – I feel as though I need some stimulation again not only to earn and work, but to do something for myself again that will keep me creatively inspired. So those are my thoughts and I have procrastinated long enough now – time to get back to the mundane…. washing dishes, laundry and more…. no really I am not actually complaining – I love that I can be home this season and I am blessed to be a stay at home mum- I do love being with my little guy and I am so blessed that I can follow my dreams, so will keep you posted where that goes!!


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