New covers ….

Life is back to normal in our household and it is really good to have hubby home from India. He looked a little thinner than when he left (I am so not jealous!!) but all in all he is in really good health. The kids were delighted to see him and each child enjoyed getting some treasures from India too. He bought me some fabulous fabrics and some lovely colourful cushion covers. Yesterday I decided to kill some time while waiting for him to come home and I decided to recover my dining room chairs. These are the chairs that I won off Ebay for 99c but the cushions were looking a bit sad. I found some fabric at the op shop the other day  for about $1 so I decided to use that. It was a very simple process of unscrewing the chairs seats from the frames and covering the cushion using tacks to hold the fabric in place. Then I simply screwed the seats back on and hey presto, in no time we had new seats. The only problem was that there was only enough fabric for 4 seats so I covered the last two chairs in plain cream calico that I had. I am considering whether I should monogram hubby and my initials on each cream chair as they are the two chairs at the end of the table – I will think about that for now. So all in all my table and the 6 chairs as well as recovering them has cost me $43.


My lounge suite is looking tired although it is still very comfortable and solid. The fabric is wearing out on the arms and backs and we don’t have money to buy a new one. The solution – recover it myself with loose covers that can be washed. The problem – it will be trial and error as I don’t really know what I am doing!! So this is not a tutorial as it would be the blind leading the blind – it is simply the end result photos of what I have achieved. I did not want to spend a fortune on fabric because if it had been a disaster then I would have kicked myself for spending too much. I found two different fabrics at the op shop – enough to cover two armchairs and it cost me $10 so that was okay in my book!! Here is the one chair recovered –  not a brilliant job, but not too bad either. I will post photos of the other chair when it is done to show you how that looks.

This is how my lounge suite looks before the covers.

And here it is with the cover on.

The colourful cushion cover was a gift from Hubby from India – it picks up my Greece painting colours so well.

The fabric.


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