Loving Touch…

Aren’t these little faces precious? It always amazes me that when you see photos of third world children they are smiling and joyful despite the hardships of their lives – the lack of food and water, shelter, loving care and material provision. I remember always seeing little faces in South Africa when we travelled through what was then known as the Transkei and the children would always smile and wave as you passed by, they would be playing games with a piece of wire or a car constructed from wire and the carefree way they played always spoke volumes to me. I love seeing my kids blessed and delighted when they receive gifts and as a parent it warms my heart, but I never want them to be insensitive or ignorant of others that are suffering and dying, not by their own choice but because of the circumstances they were born into.Hubby was telling me that the kids in India are so appreciative of even the smallest gift of a pencil or a sticker – to  them it is a treasure. I see why Jesus loved children – He always made time for them and he blessed them and loved them – He even reminded us that to see the kingdom of heaven we need to come as little children – throwing away our logical reasoning and linear thinking and replacing it with honest devotion and simple faith. That is where I want to be – simply trusting Him and listening to His voice – doing that which He tells me to and not feeling pressured to perform tasks He has not called me to. These beautiful faces remind me again how loved we are and how precious life is.

This photo is of a friend of mine from church who really knows how to love people – especially children and one of our youth leaders.



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