Room makeovers

In one way this post seems totally frivolous and ridiculous when my last post showed the poor of India, but I guess that is also the irony of life and how we live so differently to much of the world. I know that we are blessed and that we have so much, and I know also that God does not begrudge us the pleasures of having a home we love and enjoy being in. My challenge is to always remember this and to always appreciate what we have while praying for, sponsoring and contributing to orphans we have “adopted” and by going to these places and blessing where we can. So after all that explanation…. here are my rooms that I have made over while hubby is in India. I have found some creative inspiration this week and got much done. I have redone our bedroom – it will be a treat for hubby when he comes home and hopefully a sane place for him each day after teaching. I recently posted some photos of the bed I picked up on ebay. I have moved the bed to in front of the one window just for a change. A friend took me op shopping the other day and I managed to find some amazing bargains that have all worked well together. I found the fabric that I used on the window for $5 and I sewed it up to hang like a blind against the window.  The sheer white curtains are from IKEA – I was going to make my own but it was cheaper to buy them instead!!. The bed cost me $40 on ebay.

I found the beautiful white pillow covers with the embroidery at the op shop (3 of them) for $3 and the crocheted cloth for $5. They look amazing and the colours match my room beautifully.

This storage box was from IKEA  – it reminds me of Africa somehow!!

I still have one of my most favourite art works on our wall – a mixed media that I did when we were going through a hard time – this picture still speaks to me.

I have also done another smaller art work this week – it took me about an hour and was impromptu but I like it as its curves accentuate my bed. It is a tree with the fruits of the spirit written on it.

I still have the ugly pair of green curtains on our other window, but I have some good white sheets from the op shop and so I plan to run up some simple curtains for those windows eventually.

I managed to find some things for the children’s room while op shopping as well. I hadn’t planned on buying anything but everything was so cheap and I found just what I needed that I went ahead. I found a tartan duvet cover for Aaron – not exactly what I wanted but it will last till he starts needing a big boy duvet ( in other words a plain simple duvet minus teddies and characters). I liked the red and blue which has been my goal – to make their room red, white and blue. Then I found four red and blue teddy cushions and a white duvet with blue embroidered stars for Zoe.


IKEA sells cardboard boxes (2 in a pack) for next to nothing and we are using these for storage next to their beds – very effective.

So all in all it has been a productive week and two rooms have been tackled. Michaela is in the process of wanting her room redone – she hates her green curtains too, but she has some great ideas so we will work on that this next term. My last piece of trivial news is that we ate lettuce from our kitchen garden tonight – our first taste – it was delicious!! Oh yes, and the highlight of Aaron’s day was seeing Shrek and Fiona at the shopping mall – he thought that was awesome!!


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