Birthdays and Drive-in

Zoe had her 11th birthday this week and it was rather a different week for her. Having her birthday early in January is always a bit of a pain as most people are away on holiday at this time of the year which means parties don’t always work well. This week hubby and I were sent on a conference all week with John and Carol Arnott by the church, and so we didn’t get to spend much time with little Zoe on her special day. She was so gracious and released us as she is such a generous child. The day started with her opening her presents and being delighted with everything she received.

That evening we had pizza for dinner which was her choice and yummy waffle cones with caramel,vanilla and chocolate ice cream!! Yes my diet went right out the window!!

Last night we took the kids to drive-in to watch Tangled for her birthday. This was a blast from the past – the last time I went to drive-in was as a college student 24 years ago. Can you believe they still have drive-ins here?  Actually this drive-in had four different screens facing outwards and four movies running at once – amazing!! We loved Tangled – it was such a cool and humorous movie – animated movies are so good these days that they appeal to everyone in the family!!

The movie only started at 9 pm because it is so light before that.

I think Michaela was sick of me taking photos by this time – don’t you love the expression – it says, ” Not another photo Mum, won’t you get a life!!”

I just couldn’t get a clear shot of the screen – there was just too much movement!! I highly recommend Tangled – such a cute movie!!

I am in the process of making Zoe a special recipe book that has her favourite recipes in as well as photos and other things. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish it for her birthday as the desktop computer died and I am not able to print anything right now. I will post a blog on this project when done!!

Zoe has been such a joy to us – she really does live up to her name. Zoe means life and Eden means delight which eactly describes her personality. Happy Birthday Zoe – we hope this year is the best ever yet!!


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