I have just come in from celebrating the start of 2011 at a friend’s home. This was the best new year I have had in a long time!! Usually hubby and I just go to bed as it seems too hard to stay up, but this year we gathered at a friend’s home and had such a fun evening. The evening started off with us being divided into teams of 3 and then competing in some really wacky games. These games required no skill – rather luck was the order of the day. We had to throw a ball over our heads whilst looking into a mirror and get it into a plastic box, guess the number of lollies in a bag, throw darts at a piece of wood on the floor and so on. It was great fun. Zoe won a little trophy for being the person with the best aim and Ethan’s team won the trophy overall so it was good fun. We even managed to get a little smile out of our teenage son when he collected his plastic trophy!! Then we all had a bbq and sang old abba songs much to the children’s embarrassment. Finally we counted down the New Year with a glass of champagne and then watched the fireworks display in Sydney on a big screen. The display was incredible!! What a great way to begin 2011 – we are looking forward to this next year here in Australia – I can sense that we are going to have incredible blessing and favour and that many dreams are going to be fulfilled. here’s praying that you have an awesome 2011 too.


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